YK160 Granulator
KINDS: YK160 Granulator(Granulator Series)


Modek YK160 series swing type granulaior is the new special equipmeni fOr the granulating and materiaI-spreading of beli type drier, which is designed on
1he basis of customer's requirementS and is in accordance wi1h 1he CurrenIy existing malprac1ices. We 8slo referred to ihe charcteriS1ics of balt type drier. digested and absorbed itS advanced technologies. and we also broughi fOrth new ideas to ihe designs. This equipmeni has the f9aiures such as a reasonable and simple structure sufI.cient utiIity of energy, an advanced granuIating method. high efficiency and eneFgy-saving and etc thus lt can realize the ob]ective o1 miIti-utiIities for one sei o1 equipmeni. lt is suiiable in ihe granulaiing of variable specs. of granule in pharmaceutical indusiry. chemical indusiry. loodstuff indusiry and eic. The most remarkabIe 1eature of the equipment is that the granuIating speed can be reguIated in a certain range The materiaI is spread evenIy, Thus it can keep the damp granule or dry granule in an ideniical size. The custOmers reflected unaminously through application that, The granule s size is even. ihe ratio of powder is low. the operation ls convenient. the service Iife is long. and the productlon meets the requiremenis of GMP

1 WeII-distibuted size. simpIe controI:This machine is used to granuIate the mix1rue of damp powder by forcing it through the screen mesh under the action of
straight and reverse rotation of 1he rotatry drum. TO reguIate the tightness and looseness of the revoIution of the rotary drum, then the size and density of the
maierial can be controlled in a certain degree.
2 Good seaIibilty of the shall roiaiion. no contamina1.on to matenaIfThe main shaft is above ihe reducer and a tight shaff head seal Structure ls designed
ensuring no oiI penetrating out of the shaft, no materiaI penetratIng, avoIding the materiaI being contaminated by the grease. and meeting tho reqUIrements of GMP
3 Electromagnetic speed-regulation. with speed-reducing and raising func1ionfThe machine changes the revoIu1ion of main shaft by adopting
electromagnetical speed-regulaiing device. the faster the revoluiion is. the loose the granule wilI be. ihe slower the revoluti on is. ihe more solider the granule will be. By changing ihe revolution, ihe requirements tOr size can be mei. MeanwhiIe through replacing ihe gears. ihe revolution Of main shaff.
4 BeautifuI in appearance, convenient in cleaningfThe machine's enclure adopts siainIess sieel strong plates. and ii is clean and nonpoisonous. It is in anti-
corrusionThe part which needs to be cleaned is only the granuIating chamber, that ls mainly the screen mesh and hexagon retary drom The rotary drum neednt to be disassembled And the screen mesh is easy to be disassembIed. it is very light and very convenient in cIeaning.

Technical Parameters:
Productive capacity
Power of motor
Revolution of roller
Angle of wave
Diameter of roller

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