Vacuum dryer product performance characteristics and classification of equipment introduction
Between each process in continuous low temperature vacuum dryer is arranged between the two kinds of equipment, it can make the forming porous shaped drying products, the original material properties, retained products of good appearance, because of vacuum low temperature drying, therefore can meet the most heat sensitive material processing requirements. Continuous low temperature vacuum dryer broke through the vacuum state of the continuous problem material, make the static drying successfully transformed into dynamic drying.
  At present, the dryer Market is Ling Lang everywhere, so that consumers do not know how to choose, whether it is a rotary vacuum dryer or air dryer, drying method used by all have their own unique properties.
  Rotary vacuum dryer: double cone rotary vacuum dryer is suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries of powdered, granular and fibrillar material concentration, mixing, drying and low temperature drying material (such as biochemical products), more suitable for easy oxidation, Yi Huifa, Re Min strong stimulation, toxic material and is not allowed destroy the crystal material drying.
  The belt / chain two elastic connection mode, so the smooth operation of equipment. Process design, fully embodies the two supporting shaft good concentricity, rotary joints heat medium and vacuum system are reliable mechanical seal or the United States of America technology. The machine can be stepless speed regulation, but also can control the temperature. The heat medium goods are available in all varieties. From the high temperature heat conducting oil, the temperature of steam and low temperature hot water. Drying viscous material, will be in the tank of your special design "copy board" structure.
  Plate vacuum dryer: type vacuum drier also known as disk vacuum dryer, is the basis of stirring transmission dryer in intermittent, synthesizes a series of advanced technology, through continuous improvement and development of a multi-layer fixed hollow heating disc (also known as the material carrying disc), rotary rake stirring, drying device for vertical continuous to conduction dominated.
  Low temperature type continuous vacuum dryer: low temperature type continuous vacuum dryer is a high efficient and energy saving drying equipment to develop a new concept developed in the conventional spray drying and freeze drying. The advantages and disadvantages were repeated after comparison.
  A substantial increase in the drying product production and the production cost of the overall decline. High viscosity, low temperature continuous vacuum dryer is especially suitable for spray drying and vacuum drying oven is difficult to solve the high fat high sugar and drying. And to maintain the stability of the product quantity and good consistency.
  Because the vacuum dryer in traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, chemical, food, health care products industry product drying, spray drying is propitious to the cost, but the solubility products. The original and powder shape has obvious defects, on a slightly higher viscosity and thermal requirements of the product is more helpless. Conventional freeze drying to obtain excellent solubility and high quality products, but the yield is too low, and the cost is expensive.
  Performance characteristics of vacuum dryer products
  1, using closed dehumidification drying methods, no exhaust waste heat emission, no noise pollution, high environmental protection product;
  2, the drying temperature is 15~43 ℃, cold / hot air drying mode, fully meet the various types of aquatic products to replace the traditional drying, steam, electric heating, hot air drying.
  3, improve drying quality of aquatic products, the product color, gloss to achieve quality standards, better than the sun.
  4, the drying process to a class of health standards, products fully suitable for export level requirements.
  5, the ventilation and air dehumidification system of advanced design, achieve the ventilation requirements and stable drying conditions.
  6, the heat pump principle of steam condensation heat recovery, no waste emissions, saving operating costs, compared with the coal-fired vacuum dryer can save more than 40% of the cost, compared with the fuel, electric heating can save more than 60% of the cost of.
  Compared with traditional way, and the 7 air conditioner dehumidifier, can save more than 50% energy, and can shorten the drying cycle.
  8, advanced drying technology and design of drying room, intelligent automatic control system. According to the product set different temperature procedure curve (variable temperature drying), stable, uniform drying conditions, good quality.
  9, the thermal cycle heat pump dehumidification mode back to the patent technology of our company (the dehumidifying effect than that of the common heat pump dehumidifier 30% above), in high temperature and humidity conditions superior performance, shorten the drying cycle.
  10, convenient use and management: equipment without full-time manual management, fully automatic operation.
  11, set up multiple safety protection function: the phase sequence protection, open phase protection, overload protection, voltage protection, low voltage protection.
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