Trough type mixer sometimes appear large area leakage phenomenon in the process of production, circulation and mixture on the ground, seriously affect the surrounding environment. Groove shape three h
   Trough type mixer sometimes appear large area leakage phenomenon in the process of production, circulation and mixture on the ground, seriously affect the surrounding environment. Groove shape three hopper feed mixer end is welded with a circle of sealing plate, it and the grooved seal between the belt feed mixing machine export gap exists, the maximum gap of more than 50mm, the gap is trimmed to 5mm. After a period of operation, due to wear mixture, this gap will increase, each downtime, timely replacement or repair welding sealing plate, ensure the gap is about 5mm. This improvement, is very effective for reducing leakage.
  How to deal with this situation? The slot type mixing machine through the following 3 methods improved:
  According to the spatial position of tank type mixer feeding end three way funnel, in a chute arranged below it, by the chute into three way funnel mixed feed end leakage out of the material, and then through the 650mm belt conveyor transport new added to the two mixer, mixture will leak out of the re transported to sintering machine.
  1, a chute
  Chute is fixed on the steel structure support three way funnel. End of the mixer feeding end of new welding feeding mouth below, increase the feeding mouth of the objective, is to will leak out of the mixture to introduce new chute, thereby avoiding abrasion leakage into the tire base accelerate the tire. The other end is communicated with three way funnel, but taking into account the three way funnel located far apart and a belt conveyer belt machine mixture added, not successfully into the new, so according to the space field and the design of a small chute in the new chute, and the square hole punch a mixed platform 400mm * 400mm, the installation of a hopper, belt machine mixture will leak out to the new.
  2, new belt machine
  Because the groove 1, No. 2 belt length mixed machine is added, the two three way funnel position phase error is about 2m, the center line so additional belt machine, the center line and the two to three through the funnel is arranged in parallel. The belt machine, a driven roller center distance is 8.3m, electric drum power 3kW, speed 1.25m/s, belt width of 650mm.
  3, improve the water pipe.
  After months of observation found, trough viscosity material thickness mixer barrel and water pipe water position and amount of water added. In the water around the sticky material thickness is small, and no water around the sticky material thickness of large, filling rate of serious exceed the standard, on the north side can add enough water, thickness of adhesive material is relatively small.
  In addition, in the process of operation, to do the work of digestion lime sintering burden, to add enough water, so that the lime in the digester fully digested into a paste. After observation, trough type mixer in addition to feed around the mouth, the outer cylinder body adhesive thickness along the mixer length distribution, and the thickness of ≤ l00mm, indicating that the mixing machine of water and water amount on the adhesive thickness effect.
  Research on the above situation, the original water supply pipe is lengthened, the cylinder body along the length direction can be arranged water point. At the same time, the new one with water, solve the water shortage problem of mixing machine. The mixture into the trough mixer barrel can add water, the mixer length direction of adding water, greatly reduce the material sticking phenomenon.
  After improvement, the use of nearly two years of proven, trough type mixer and stable operation, the mixing effect is improved, the feed end leakage phenomenon is reduced.
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