Detailed description of each component characteristics of trough type mixer.
Trough type mixer for stainless steel horizontal trough type mixer is used for mixing of powdery, or wet in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, different ratio of main materials mixed evenly. Trough type mixer and contact materials are made of stainless steel, the blade and the barrel body clearance is small, mixed no dead angle, the stirring shaft are provided with a sealing device, can prevent material leakage. Trough type mixer mixing part is a through shaft with single propeller design blade angle, single oar is very reasonable, single propeller rotates, the material rolling up and down, while the blade through the material, have a certain angle to the mixing tank around both sides of the pushing force, the mixing tank any corner material could not rest the mixing tank, automatic turnover dumping. So the materials are mixed uniformly. Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry etc.. Sealing method of sealing, sealing nut, adjusting compensation axial pressure surface using trough type mixer. Practice has proved that the effect is better. The machine can be timing mixing, stirring just before the set time, then the automatic shutdown. Saving energy, can prevent the operator from the machine after the machine is still not outage accident to cause. The machine are made of closed stainless steel, meet the requirements of GMP.
  Trough type mixer mainly consists of stirring speed reducer, mixing tank, frame and motor device, electric control box and automatic mixing equipment lubrication of machine parts. The following introduces characteristics of these components:
  1, stirring speed reducer:
  The speed reducer for mixing machine main transmission structure, it is located right trough type mixer, when the device motor in the machine base in the triangle belt transmission worm and worm wheel, gear driven mixer with 1:40. The worm gear shaft is hollow and is equipped with a fixed key, can make the stirring paddle free assembly and disassembly. Reducer are installed on the top of the 2 ring screw, for assembly and disassembly, installation and use. The end cover is provided with a screw for high speed stirring paddle orientation, has been adjusted in the factory, generally in use do not have to adjust.
  2, the mixing tank:
  Mixing trough type mixer is U shape, made of stainless steel, installed inside the impeller, mixing tank propeller blade, as well as some contact with the drug, good acid, alkali, corrosion resistance. Impeller are provided with a sealing cleaning device, to prevent the leakage of materials, but also can prevent dirt into the mixing tank. It lies in a stirring speed reducer and the pouring speed reducer. The rotating blades by using S shape, in the mixing process of material exchange between large quantity, high efficiency.
  3, the pouring speed reducer:
  The pouring speed reducer for positioning control mixing groove angle, it is located in the machine left, when the device is in the frame of the motor through a triangle belt transmission worm and worm wheel, drive the mixing tank rotating in a certain angle range, so that the mixture once poured out. Reducer lubrication by oil immersed, the oil must be standard in the oil line, the oil must be kept clean. Such as often use should be every three months for a new oil should be replaced at the same time, the speed reducer is washed clean, add new oil.
  4, the base and motor device:
  The base is an integral structure, the motor is arranged on both sides of the movable plate in the base, the motor can be adjusted on the screw, the triangle belt be elastic, maintain the momentum.
  5, electrical control box:
  The control box is to control the movement of the machine, it is located on the right side of the machine, mixing tank transmission can be a mixing tank "Shang" and "Xia" button, pay attention to both cannot be simultaneously press.
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