PLG-type disc continuous dryer
KINDS: PLG-type disc continuous dryer(Dryer Series)


The wet material from the feeder continuously added to the dryer upper part of the first layer of the dry plate, with a rake leaf rake arm for rotational movement to the rake arm for rotary movement to rake leaves to turn the copied material. Material flow along the helix of the index over the dry plate surface materials in a small dry plate was transferred to the outer edge, and fell on the outer edge of the bottom of the dry plate outer edge of the material in the large dry plate to move around and fall from the middle fall into the next layer of small dry plate in the discharge port. The size of the drying plates are arranged alternately up and down the material to be continuous through the entire dryer. Pass into the heating media hollow drying plates, form of heating medium is hot water and heat conduction oil, heating medium by the end of the dry plate into and export from the other side. Fell to the bottom of the shell has dried material from the last layer of dry plate, Finally rake leaves transferred to the discharge port, the vacuum plate dryer moisture out of the mouth on the top cover of the vacuum pump. Dry materials discharged from the bottom packaging. With addition of finned heater, solvent recovery condenser, baghouse, dry material backmixing agencies, induced draft fan and other auxiliary equipment, can increase its drying capacity, drying the paste and heat sensitive materials can be easily recycled solvents, and pyrolysis and response operations.

Disc continuous dryer is a highly efficient conduction of continuous drying equipment. Its unique structure and working principle it has high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, simple configuration, easy operation control, the operating environment, which is widely applicable in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticides, food, feed, agriculture the drying operation of the by-product processing industry. Well received in the various industries practice. Now manufacturing at atmospheric pressure, closed, vacuum three types, 1200,1500,2200,3000 four specifications of the A (carbon steel), B (contact material part of the uniform stainless steel), C (B, on the basis of increase in steam pipes Road, spindle and bracket for the three materials of stainless steel, tube and the roof lined with stainless steel), drying area-180m2. Hundreds of types of products, and provide a matching auxiliary equipment to meet the drying needs of a variety of materials.

(A) regulation of easy applicability
(1) by adjusting the material, thickness, spindle speed, the rake arm type and size can make the drying process to achieve the best.
(2) each layer dry plate can be individually into the hot medium or cold medium, heating or cooling the material, the material temperature control accurate and easy.
(3) the material residence time can be accurately adjusted.
Single (4) the flow of materials, no backmixing, dry, uniform, stable quality, without mixing
(B) simple, easy to
(1) dryer drive, the parking operation is very simple.
(2) stop feeding the transfer material dirt rake leaves quickly emptying the dryer material.
(3) ad hoc specifications View door mirror, one can very careful cleaning and observation of equipment.
(C) low energy consumption
(1) The material layer is Po, the spindle speed is low, the material delivery system needs small power, less power consumption
(2) by conducting heat drying, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption
(D) operating environment, recyclable solvents, dust emissions to meet the requirements
(1) contains almost no dust in the atmospheric type: exhaust emissions due to low flow velocity within the device, and the moisture distribution within the device to compete with low dust is difficult to float to the top of the device,
(2) closed type: with Works solvent recovery, easy recovery of organic solvents contained in the wet gas. Solvent recovery, recovery, flammable, explosive, toxic and easy oxidation of the material, the available nitrogen as a wet gas contained in closed loop, so that safe operation. Particularly suitable for drying flammable, explosive, toxic materials
(3) vacuum-type: disc operating under vacuum dryer, especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials dry
(E) easy installation, small footprint
(1) dryer overall factory, the overall transport, simply hoisting, installation is very easy to locate.
(2) dry plate arrangement, the vertical installation, even if the drying area, the area is also very small.

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