QJ type hollow paddle dryer
KINDS: QJ type hollow paddle dryer(Dryer Series)


Pastes, granules, powder, paste material indirect heating or cooling the product to be completed by drying, cooling, heating, sterilization, reaction, low temperature combustion unit operation. Special wedge-shaped mixing heat transfer blade device has a higher heat transfer efficiency and the heat transfer surface self-cleaning function.
The hollow shaft densely lined with wedge-shaped hollow blades, heat medium hollow axial blades. The heat transfer surface area within the unit effective volume of the heat medium temperature from -40 ° C to -320-40 ° C, water can also be liquid type: hot water, heat conduction oil. Indirect conduction heating, did not carry the air to take the heat, the heat used to heat the material. Only heat loss through the device insulation layer of heat to the environment. The wedge-shaped blade heat transfer surface cleaning function. Material particles and the relative motion of the wedge surface to produce wash to wash off the wedge surface attachment material, the operation has maintained a clean heat transfer surface. Paddle dryer shell type Ω, and the general arrangements for housing two to four hollow stirring shaft. Shell sealing cover and the cover, fully play its role to prevent the leakage of material dust. Through the rotary joint, the heat transfer medium flows through the shell jacket and hollow stirring shaft, hollow mixing shaft in accordance with the type of the heat medium has a different internal structure to ensure optimum heat transfer effects.

Blades dry and low energy consumption, due to indirect heating, not a lot to bring empty
2, the gas away the heat, the outer wall of the dryer and set the insulation layer to evaporate 1kg of water, slurry materials, only a small amount of heat.
3, the low cost of the paddle dryer system has a large heat transfer surface unit effective volume, shorten the processing time, smaller equipment size. Greatly reduce the building area and space.
4, a wide range of materials handling: the use of different thermal medium can handle the heat-sensitive materials, but also deal with the high-temperature processing of materials. Commonly used media are: water vapor, heat conduction oil, hot water, cooling water. Both continuous operation and intermittent operation can be in many areas.
Environmental pollution: use of portable air powder material entrained rarely. Materials
Solvent evaporation is very small, easy to handle. Contaminated materials to be recovered in the solvent conditions, the closed loop can be used.
(D) low operating costs: the normal operation of the device, only 1 hours / day *. Low-speed stirring and reasonable structure. A small amount of wear, low maintenance costs.
(E) the operating stability: chock shaped blade, a special compression - expansion of the stirring action, so that the material particles fully contact with the heat transfer surface in the axial range, the material temperature, humidity, gradient is very small degree of mixing, thus ensuring The stability of the process.
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