XF Series Box-shaped Fluidized drier
KINDS: XF Series Box-shaped Fluidized drier(Dryer Series)


Heating method:
The drier is heated by means of steam or electric power, and also heated with hot air directly forrn
fule-& coal-burning hot air furnace.
Application Scope:
Fluidizing drier is also called fluidization bed. Through continuously irnprovement over 30 years. it has wideIy applied in the fields of pharmaceutics, chemicaIs, foodstuff, processing grain etc. For example, the dehurnidification and drying of powder and granular materials such as bulk Pharrnaceuticals, granular patent rnedicines, preparations, feed, plastic resin etc. The granular diameter shall be withinn the range from 0.i to 6mm and the best from 0.5 to 3mm.

Principle of Work:
Working principIe is that the cIean & hot air enters into fIuidization bed throgh distributor of valve plate. The wet material fed from feeder will be forrned a fluidization State by hOt air(Jumping within the bed like boiling water), so it is called fluidizing drier or machine. Because of the wide contaCt b9tween hot air and materials, their drying time is shorter The air enters from one end of bed. through "boiling" several minutes.
and then cornes out automatically from the Other end. The drier is also appIicable for thermal sensitive material as a resuIt of very short drying time and lower ternperature of material proper

Installation explanation:
Fluidizing bed, cyclone separator and cloth bag dust remover should be pIaced on the flat concrete ground. and no foundation screws needed. The fan with underframe and foundationscrews may be installed indoor or outdoors. The plan can be adJustd slightly in accordance with the practical conditions. No air should Ieak in air pipe system to be free from the influence on drying efficiency

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Bed area 


  Drying capacity 



Temperature of inlet air  (℃)

Material discharge temprature 


 Heat energy consumption
 Power  Air pressure  Air volume Steam(kg/h) Elec power(kw)
XF-10A 0.25 10~15 5.0 4900 2300 60~140 40~80 50 30
XF-10B 0.25 4 3800 2300
XF-20A 0.5


7.5 5000 3100 100 60
XF-20B 0.5 5.5 3500 3100
XF-30A 1.0 30~45 15 6000 4200 150 90
XF-30B 1.0 11 4700 4200
XF-50A 2.0 50~80 22 7400 6000 250 150
XF-50B 2.0 18.5 5900 6000



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