DMH-type door dry sterilization oven
KINDS: DMH-type door dry sterilization oven(Dryer Series)
DMH High-temperature sterilizing oven

This dryer is suitable for "GMP" management in Pharmaceutical industry to sterilize and dry medicines and appliances.
With our accumulated experiences to produce various kinds of ovens in past thirty years, combined with foreign experiences and domestic requirement of "GMP", our factory provides you reliable DMH series products which are designed and manufactured meticulously, and won the reputation in medical and Pharmaceutical industries.

With heating resource of electricity, it can dry and sterilize under 300℃ for a long time.
Parallel flow of internal hot air to ensure hot air in effective space to be at class 100 cleanness.
Operating temperature is program-controlled to automatically operating temperature.
Automatic control procedures are: heating-moist removing-temperature stabilizing-temperature lowering-stop machine etc., all of these are automatically controlled.
Detailed operations can be acquired on operating manual or via technical training.






heating power
effective space (mm) overall dimension(mm)
6 600×500×750 1200×800×1300
9 800×800×1000 1400×1100×1550
12 1000×1000×1250 1600×1300×1800
18 1000×1200×1500 1600×1500×2100

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