Chinese medicine grinder
KINDS: Chinese medicine grinder(Grinding Series)


Chinese herbal medicine pulverizer of Chinese herbal medicine grinder is a stainless steel medicine crusher plant production is suitable for the small factory of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine shop, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, also apply to chemical industry, mining and scientific research units, the machine with high efficiency, simple operation. The fineness of 200 mesh products scooters, for crushing easy bonding, usually costly Chinese medicine to grinding mill, is more effective.
  Two, the main technical parameters of the crusher: production capacity: 5-15kg
  Fine: 80-200
  Voltage: 220V
  Spindle speed: 11000r/min
  Motor power: 1300W
  Weight: 25kg
  Dimensions: 500 x 250 x 550mm
  In three, crusher note: 1, check whether the foreign body crush cavity (must be empty before the start), connect the power supply.
  Butterfly nut 2, cover and tighten the crushing cavity.
  3, start the motor, air compressor rotation for 1-2 minutes, and then from the feed gradually feed tray play materials, feeding should not be too much too fast.
  4, the case material stuck, the motor does not turn, immediately shut off the motor, so as not to burn, remove the card to be material, can continue to use.
  5, the machine is strictly prohibited to open the upper cover and extends into the crushing chamber by hand in the use process. 6, the machine is dry mill, wet grinding material and should not be greasy.
  7, please according to the need to replace different screen.
  8, the machine adopts the overheat protector, such as motor load is too large, it will automatically shut down, such as to continue, please press protector.
  9, in the machine in working process, the current of not more than 15 amperes.
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