Powder machine ZSJ series vibrating screen
KINDS: Powder machine ZSJ series vibrating screen(Sieving Series)


Powder machine ZSJ series vibrating screen
  Main uses
  Powder machine ZSJ vibrating screen is the company an improvement of the oscillating screen based on ZS. It is mainly used for a short period of time from the powder removing part of impurities contained in the screening. It is widely applied to the materials in the production process inspection sieve. Raw material and package, in order to ensure that no impurities mixed in raw materials, the machine can quickly complete the task. Material through crushing, crushing screening can be qualified, unqualified to smash. Packaging materials or put into the next process equipment, the machine can remove impurities screen, in order to ensure the quality of the products. This machine is of high viscosity, high number of fibrous, high material also can achieve satisfactory screening.
  The structure and properties
  This machine consists of hopper, vibration motor, bracket, vibration motor is fixed on the oscillating disk, and supported on rubber vibrating bowl, strong exciting force and stable, and can be stepless regulation. The machine has compact structure, small volume, no dust, low noise, high output, low energy consumption, convenient to move, repair. Technology of powder machine parameters of ZSJ series vibrating screen
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