SET series double screw extrusion pelletizer
KINDS: SET series double screw extrusion pelletizer(Granulator Series)

  In the solid powder and liquid coexist and dispersion to solid phase based, using self adhesive dispersion (or additional binder), through coercive manner (such as extrusion, gravity, centrifugal force, mechanical force, air force) to make solid powder particle adhered to each other, increase. And the formation of a certain shape and uniform particle size, concentration of particles.
  Wet granulating device is mainly composed of mixed (kneading), granulation, drying and auxiliary equipment. Powder mixing (kneading), into the granulator form wet products containing the desired particle size, obtained by drying grain product, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation.
  SET double screw extrusion granulating machine front discharge type and side discharging type, front discharging type granulation diameter generally choose between 1.5-12mm, side discharging type granulation diameter is generally between 0.7-2.0 grain shape is cylindrical, the granulation rate ≥ 95%.
  Technical parameters

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