High speed mixer
KINDS: High speed mixer(Mixer Series)

  ZGH type vertical high speed mixer is a fast and highly efficient mixer which is designed for the powder mixture. It solves the problem of the process of mixing the raw materials and water into wet material for many years in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Before most manufacturers are using slot mixer, V shaped mixer, two-dimensional mixer, three-dimensional mixer, mixing equipment, but there are mixed time, mixed, small family reunion and small more common problems, made of products have color, taste and ingredients are not the same, so that the product quality is unstable, the appearance is not beautiful.
  Zgh high-speed vertical mixing machine is suitable for different proportion of dry and wet mixing the materials, particularly applicable to chicken, drug granules, beverage powder and so on a variety of complex mixed material agitation, chicken and other spices, pharmaceutical, chemical raw materials of powder mixture has been widely used.
  The ZGH type high speed mixing machine for powder material with low or specially designed, efficient, uniform mixing, no dead;
  ] zgh type high speed mixing machine material contact parts are made of stainless steel, the stirring shaft is provided with a sealing device, can effectively prevent the string material, ensure the bearing and the transmission component life.
  Product features
  ZGH type high speed mixer is the advanced technology of our company, which is the most advanced technology, and the new development of high efficiency mixer, its main features are as follows:
  ] the installation in the body at the bottom of the high-speed rotating blades of centrifugal force and effect on the material to form the external to roll, center sag downward spiral, material inner ring and the outer ring, and the lower fully mixing;
  ] the mounted on the side wall of the machine high speed crushing blade, break the outer ring rolling up the material, also plays the role of perturbation, increase the relative motion between the materials, improve the mixing effect.
  ] due to the interaction of the two blades, can make the material in a relatively short period of time to fully mixed, the purpose of uniform, its efficiency is other domestic mixer are difficult to compare, short mixing time, each mixing 150 kg powder just 3-4 minutes.
  ] the mixing chamber without dead angle, discharge quickly, easy to clean; charging and discharging is very convenient, when feeding the raw materials, materials, disposable water added, then cover the lid according to the set time boot mixing. Put in time as long as the material is drawn out, the boot or point to make the material fully released. This is both simple and sanitary operation, not hand to touch the raw material;
  ] zgh type vertical high-speed mixing machine material contact parts are made of stainless steel, the mixing process does not produce volatile materials, deterioration or loss phenomenon, mixed evenly, simply can not find clusters of small and small; ensuring the matching process.
  ] zgh type vertical high-speed mixing machine applicable in different proportions of dry and wet materials are mixed, especially suitable for chicken, drug granules, beverage powder and so on a variety of complex material mixing.
  ] zgh type vertical high-speed mixing machine cleaning is simple, as long as the water is fed into the hopper, the starting rotation, and then release the water, can be washed clean.
  Working principle
  ZGH vertical high speed mixer is composed of the bottom feeding leaves and high speed crushing leaves. Feeding leaf blade slurry continuously along the cylinder wall upward feeding. The material of high speed crushing material leaves is completely broken, and the material circulation is formed in the shape of vortex, which can achieve the purpose of mixing the material in a short time.

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