Universal grinder use, maintenance and repair knowledge
   Universal shredder details:
  A universal grinder to use
  Universal grinder, turn off the power switch.
  1, open the cover (clockwise off counter-clockwise to open).
  2, dry drugs into crushed box.
  3, the cover closed.
  4, plug in the universal grinder power, turn the timer switch.
  5, when the sound of rolling uniform, indicating that the drug has been crushed into a powder, to close the universal grinder.
  6, open the cover and pour the powder.
  Universal grinder Cautions
  1, to the personal safety of users of universal grinder, power must be grounded cord.
  2, grinding material must be dry, wet and grease should not be processed traditional Chinese medicine.
  Crushed drugs do not exceed the half the crushed slot capacity.
  4, general medicine crushed Just half a minute, crushing of hard drugs in the minutes.
  5, universal grinder can not be continuously used for a long time of not more than five minutes each boot time. If the processing of a large number of interval use to prevent bearing overheating and damage the motor.
  6, when the cover is opened, do not start switch.
  7, after long-term use, the carbon brush and blade as badly worn and needs to be replaced.
  8, regular checks the universal grinder blade screws must be tightened.
  Daily work is completed, the universal grinder idling 2min, to suction clean more than expected. After the shutdown, open the cover to check parts for damage, clear more than expected and close the lid.
  Gao, the rotational speed of the stirring blades of the grinder, the work load is not, therefore, generally in the normal working is rarely failure.
  Usually work maintenance should pay attention to the following matters:
  (1) Be sure to press universal the grinder operating procedures performed best universal grinder maintenance.
  ② note the universal grinder start normal after feeding mixed feeding should be slowly added in the order.
  ③ to get ready seals, coupling with a rubber band, V belts and rolling bearings, these pieces work parts prone to failure, if necessary, should be promptly replaced.
  ④ regular <general in the first quarter) check each fastener loosening; Check the tightness of V-belts installed; the universal grinder ministries to cleaning decontamination, dust.
  The universal grinder maintenance generally once a year. Note the following:
  ① Checking trimmed stirring paddle, the scrapers with mixed indoor wall clearance should meet the following requirements.
  ② Remove the Rolling cleaning check; serious wear parts replacement. Replace the grease and seals.
  (3) Check the main drive shaft bending or wear.
  ④ Check cleaning cylinder, replace the seals and wearing parts guide sleeve, check the piston rod bending deformation and wear phenomena.
  ⑤ main parts check good records necessary tests, parts accessories, proposed the next repair and replacement.
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