Groove Mixer feeding as well as the characteristics of microwave Groove Mixer
Use the channel mixer to pay attention to the order of feeding.
  Is generally the first to vote aniseed, the jade rice flour, soybean powder, and then cast the group divided materials, such as premix. Note premix must not spiral hoist feeding, the application of the one-off tipping bucket feeding, or by artificial feeding, avoid the loss of the segregation of the active ingredients in the premix.
  The select channel mixer to pay attention to material way:
  Should choose the form of a large door, do not choose the side of the mouth or the small opening at the bottom of the form of the material. The reason: When the mixer after mixing completed within the specified time, the shortest possible time to put guaranteed the uniformity of the material; such as the side of the mouth or the bottom of a small opening the spiral band gradually put the net, delays, and reach expected productivity and material of this has been to achieve the best uniformity overmix but will make the material segregation and undermine the uniformity
  The main features of the the microwave channel mixer equipment
  1, heating the rapid microwave heating and conventional heating methods are completely different. It is Trough mixer so that the heated material itself becomes the heating element, without Trough mixer to heat conduction process. Thus, although the channel mixer is the poor thermal conductivity of the materials, the heating temperature can be achieved within a very short time.
  2, uniform heating regardless of how objects of various parts of the shape object table channel mixer, microwave heating can make uniform penetration the electrical channel mixer wave generate heat. So heating uniformity does not occur outside the focus of endogenous phenomenon.
  Energy efficient due to the moisture-containing substances easily absorbed microwave heating In addition to the transmission loss of a small amount of channel mixer, channel mixer is almost no other loss. Therefore, thermal efficiency, energy saving. It is more than 1/3 of the energy than the infrared heating.
  4, mildew, sterilization, preservation microwave heating with thermal effects and biological effects of the temperature of the lower temperature the channel mixer sterilization and mildew. Heating speed, short time to maximize preservation of the vitamin in the activity and food materials, the original color and nutrients. Channel mixer
  Advanced technology can be realized as long as the control of microwave power heating and terminate immediately. The application of the man-machine interface and PLC channel mixer heating process and the heating process specification programmable automation control.
  6, safe and harmless metal heated indoor and waveguide channel mixer in the work, so the microwave vent trough mixer leakage minimal radiation hazards and harmful gas emissions, and does not produce waste heat and microwave energy control dust pollution, neither contaminate food, do not pollute the environment.
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