Details rock particles Operations Guide
   Swing pellet machine is the key equipment of the feed companies, rock particles normal run directly affect the economic efficiency of enterprises, a result the rock particles correct operation of the machine is very important.
  First operator to work need a serious and responsible, in strict accordance with the operating procedures of the rock particles machine operation, boot, shutdown must be according to the procedure.
  (1) to maintain the pressure of 0.3 - 0.4 kg of dry steam into the conditioner;
  (2) adjust the die roll distance. Generally 0.2mm-0.5mm, die can be slightly pressure roller rotation is not too tight or too loose, too tight will shorten die life will slip too loose pressure roller;
  (3) raw water requirements generally between 12% -13%, about 14% -14.5% of the raw water after quenching and tempering, must be uniform feed;
  ④ current load control in accordance with the regulations, and must not overload the production for a long time, which is the main cause equipment damage;
  ⑤ Note the normal production of the the rock particles current fluctuations, abnormal timely stop to check;
  ⑥ new swing particles equipment production, swing pellet machine gearbox 500 hours of continuous work should change the oil after 3-6 months according to the production situation change the oil, replace 68 # of oil or 100 # -120 # industrial gear oil ;
  ⑦ swing the particle machine occurred trimmers, be sure to loosen the pressure roller, be die wall clean up before restart, absolutely eliminate the mandatory start blocking state, but does not allow the pipe clamp pulled the gear shaft swing pellet machine under normal operating conditions, the pressure roller takes 2 hours plus a lubricant;
  ⑧ swing pellet machine wearing parts wear regular checks to avoid equipment sudden failure and ring die cracking.
  Reasons for the cracking of the ring mold: a hoop wear, hold tight ring mold; the b drive key and die lining Sichuan wear, so that the die can not be located; c spindle loose, resulting in the pressure roller beating collision ring mold; foreign objects into the ring mold; e rock particles machine ring die blocking force start; the f ring mold itself quality problems.
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