Rock particles machine vibration, noise, abnormal working Cause Analysis
   Rock particles machine vibration, noise, abnormal working Cause Analysis
  ① rock particles may be a part of bearing problems, the machine does not operate properly, the operating current will fluctuate. High operating current (down to check or replace the bearings).
  ② blocking ring mold, or only a portion of the die hole discharge. Entering foreign body within the ring mold, ring mold out of round, pressure roller die gap is too tight, the pressure roller wear or pressure roller bearing damage can not turn produce rock particles machine vibration (check or replace the ring mode, adjust the nip).
  ③ coupling correction imbalance, high and low, left and right deviation rock particles opportunity vibration, and the gear shaft oil seal fragile (coupling must school to the horizontal line).
  The ④ spindle not tightened ran before and after the D-type or E-type machine, spindle loose produce axial pressure roller swing obvious the great noise vibration of the rock particles, granulation difficulties (the need to tighten the spindle tail butterfly spring and round nut).
  ⑤ size gear wear, or replacement of a single gear, will produce noise (run-time).
  ⑥ The conditioner discharge port blanking uneven pellet machine make the swing work current fluctuation (need to adjust the blades conditioner).
  ⑦ new ring mold must be the preparation of a new pressure roller, and configured a certain proportion of sand bran grinding and polishing (eliminating the use of the inferior ring mold).
  ⑧ strictly control the time and temperature of the quenched and tempered Keep raw water into the machine, the raw material is too dry or too moist will cause the material is not normal, abnormal rock particles machine.
  ⑨ steel frame structure is not solid, swinging a steel frame to vibrate in the normal working of the particle machine, rock particles machine is easy to produce resonance (reinforced steel frame structure).
  ⑩ conditioner tail not fixed or fixed unsound produce shaking (reinforcement).
  (11) the rock particles machine oil spill reason: seal wear, the oil level is too high, bearing damage coupling imbalance body vibration, forced to start.
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