Details four major obstacle to the use of frozen vacuum dryer processing seafood Insight.
Our traditional the expensive seafood processing products, such as scallops, sea cucumber shark fin Hemmi, are almost always used dried processed. Studies have shown that a certain loss of the traditional dry naturally or artificially hot air drying process seafood, such as water-soluble and heat-sensitive nutritional active substances at the same time, the products of serious shrinkage, rehydration is more difficult, prone surface crusts turtle crack, fat oxidation, resulting in product discoloration of the surface quality defects, affect the uniformity of product quality and storability. If the vacuum freeze technology instead of the traditional method of processing Seafood will effectively overcome these shortcomings, not only to ensure uniform quality of finished goods, but also to improve their appearance and inner quality, and improve economic efficiency.
  The frozen vacuum dryer vacuum freeze-drying technology can significantly improve the quality and grade of products, aquatic products processing industry, to promote slow. The reason for the decision-makers and investors, there are four major concerns:
  One more the frozen vacuum dryer disposable investment, made in China to be 150 million yuan, higher cost of imported frozen vacuum dryer.
  The first frozen vacuum dryer investment. Large-scale production of freeze-dried food lyophilizer freeze the frozen vacuum dryer can not alone achieve, you must use a separate freezer frozen vacuum dryer or the Treasury of food pre-freezing, dehydration can then directly into a vacuum dryer. Aquatic products processing industry in China in recent years, business downturn, part of the enterprise in the cut-off semi-shutdown state, most of these enterprises comes frozen the frozen vacuum dryer or refrigerator, investors can take advantage of these off-the-shelf plant frozen vacuum dryer, just add a production capacity corresponding vacuum drying the frozen vacuum dryer, vacuum freeze-dried food can be produced, and thus greatly reduce the one-time investment in frozen vacuum dryer.
  The second is the high cost of vacuum freeze-dried frozen vacuum dryer processing.
  From the processing costs, according to information provided by the United States Department of Agriculture, vacuum freeze-dried food processing fee is more than double the frozen food and canned food, but its sales of storage costs low. The total cost of the process from the processing and circulation, vacuum freeze-dried food for the canned food 1.02 times, 1.28 times higher than the frozen food three difference little. If lyophilized the aquatic health products Seafood Ocean drugs more expensive raw materials, the raw material cost of the proportion of the total cost will be great, and the advantage of the high-priced high-quality high-grade freeze-dried food will be displayed.
  Aquatic products (especially Seafood) unstable supply of raw materials, production can not be continuous throughout the year, off-season is a long time.
  Aquatic raw materials to produce unstable varieties yield annual changes in magnitude larger seasonal, which is a major feature of aquatic production. At present, the international market for high-quality high-grade vacuum freeze-dried food in the quantity and variety of the needs are, therefore, should be to break the traditional single production and business model, and engage serialization diversified production. Freeze-dried food plants according to their geographic conditions with other types of food production to ensure the continuity of production, according to the different seasons. Both easy organization of production, the frozen vacuum dryer utilization and economic benefits, but also enrich the product variety, and enhance the enterprise's own ability to withstand market risks.
  Fourth, is worried that the sales of products in the market.
  As for the sales of products in the market, from foreign markets, demand for freeze-dried food has increased year by year, as long as the product quality is excellent, the export market is a great potential. Domestic With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, dietary level is getting higher and higher, the high-end of the high-quality freeze-dried food demand potential is great, as long as the production and operation of good publicity and guidance, the market will be good returns.
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