The universal grinder should I use to maximize efficiency?...
The universal grinder welcomed by the majority of users because of its wide range of uses, good processing quality, high efficiency, but is very particular about how to make good use of.
  1. Correct operation.
  , Open universal grinder response universal grinder to conduct a comprehensive inspection to confirm the technical condition of the various parts before boot. Boot idling 1-2min, confirmed no abnormal phenomenon before feeding operations. The material feeding should be uniform and pay attention to the regulation of the feed rate. In the processing of corn and other grains used to adjust the damper to control the feeding volume, it is fed evenly. Processing soybean, potato vine, such as feed, for ease of crushing, soybean cake must be broken, and its maximum diameter of less than 40mm is appropriate; potato vine is a good idea to be chopped, about 150mm in length is appropriate; such as crushed fresh potato, you must first cuts and raise the right amount of water required uniform feeding at the same time, prevent the shredder overload affect the crushing quality. Bag Poly powder 1/3 using polyethylene powder bag pick powder box powder, in order to avoid the temperature rise, decline, should take the powder vibration bag to increase permeability.
  2 to ensure safe production.
  The drive should be added at fortified barricade gate operator should stand on the feed side of the Do not stand on universal grinder two clothes cuffs to be tied up, long hair should be set into the work inside the cap. Before the material into the hopper, clear nails, stones and other debris should be, so as not to damage the universal grinder. The Feeding process, in case of discharge port plug, do not hand to clean up should be down to clean up blockages. Motor power should be cut off the power and then troubleshooting. Work site prohibit fireworks ban with a way to improve the speed increase production.
  3. Strengthen maintenance.
  The universal grinder operation, the bearing temperature must not exceed 40 degrees, such as bearing temperature continues to rise under normal operating conditions, should immediately stop inspection, identify the causes, and troubleshooting. Each end of the job, you should check whether there is loosening the universal grinder ministries bolts, check junction seal is good, check whether the rotor is rotating flexible, whether collision noises, also check the tooth claw machine, sieve wear badly worn should be replaced. In addition, should be regularly filling oil to the lubricating oil site.
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