The universal grinder crushed under the low temperature state of Chinese herbal medicine does not affect the efficacy
Become of great concern to the majority of users, as the temperature of the conversion of a mechanical force grinder the ordinary mill in the crushed material will easily exceed 50 degrees, as a new type of mechanical universal grinder also faced with how to control the temperature of the problem universal grinder does not install any cooling device, the powder temperature generally does not exceed 45 degrees When combined with water-cooled machine then the temperature control below 30 degrees or even lower is very easy to implement, why universal grinder temperature so low even with other cooling methods to achieve ultra-low temperature grinding, which not only cooling method and the structural features of the universal grinder, Let's analyze one by one.
  Simple pulverizer heat generated is mainly derived from the two aspects, one for the machine itself the frictional heat is generated and the second is the heat generated by the mechanical collision with the material friction and other factors.
  The universal grinder sophisticated manufacturing process, machine heat generated by friction is negligible; crushed principle clever, by the RCC and grinding, not a hard impact shear combined with their lower speed (285r/min) the heat generated is much lower than other shredders, more subtly, the the a universal grinder sorting airflow directly through the crushing groove, while sorting it away most of the heat, so universal grinder continuous operation there will not be a high temperature.
  In actual measurement, the continuous operation of the grinder machine wall temperature does not exceed 55 degrees, and the powder temperature does not exceed 45 degrees. But in narrow confined environment, if the air does not circulate, the heat can not transfer out limited air time and again heated, when the indoor air temperature reached 50 a few degrees will lead to a universal grinder heat slow, which need customers to re-placed machine installed ventilation facilities, this problem can be a good solution, before installing certain customers want to make it clear the importance of a properly functioning ventilation for.
  With the continuous shrinkage of the wild Chinese medicine resources, especially rare Chinese herbal medicine is facing depletion situation, how to better protection of traditional Chinese medicine resources and better use of these valuable resources more and more attention, we took the past few years speculation fiery Cordyceps to explain how to play a huge role in the face of the small universal grinder.
  After taking Cordyceps crushed has a long history, but the long-standing, traditional grinding fineness is not high, there is still eating up grainy absorption rate actually does not improve, the high temperature smash but let Cordyceps severe loss of nutrients, and "universal grinder" technology, Cordyceps Cordyceps broken cell smash, so the Cordyceps nutrition is not lost, at the same time to reach the entrance of the taste, the absorption rate increased by 3-5 times the benefits. The face of the Cordyceps scarce resources ordinary universal grinder, however, find it difficult to achieve a satisfactory degree of the emergence of the universal grinder can be said that a good solution to this problem, and customers and the market has been through this several years of practical application recognition.
  After the universal mill grinding Cordyceps has the following outstanding advantages:
  1, essentially unchanged: the cryogenic grinding Cordyceps nutrition is not lost, of pure Cordyceps sinensis powder is still 100% wild Cordyceps.
  2, finer crushing: Cordyceps is crushed to the puff of smoke, Cordyceps shattered, nutrition quick release the grinding fineness traditional pharmacies mill grinding fineness 10 times.
  Taste better: that melts like chocolate, eat plain the Cordyceps broken powder more tasty.
  4 to absorb higher: to eat one gram a day, arrived in the past to eat 3-5 grams of Cordyceps. Universal crushed in the general efficacy of the purpose and meaning of traditional Chinese medicine production applications depends not only on the chemical structure of the drug ingredients, and influenced by the state of living organisms, release of solid drugs dissolved and absorbed by the body, and the degree of bioavailability and preparation process related to the level of detail in the powder. Universal grinding of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine specific surface area of ??the drug can greatly increase, accelerate the rate of absorption of the drug in the intestinal wall or other human mucosal. The universal grinding technology application and development of traditional Chinese medicine, will certainly play an important role in the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine to the world, also will bring huge economic benefits and social benefits.
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