Boiling should be noted that the problem of the dryer and double cone rotary vacuum dryer is in use
Boiling Drier Note
  1, it is necessary to design a new prescription step granulation match, because boiling granulating process prescription traditional granulation prescription old prescription for boiling granulating is absolutely nowhere. Prescription change is not in place, the boiling dryer can not be one of the main reasons for the normal production. Change the prescription to the attention of the raw material's physical and chemical, physical and chemical properties such as pH, dissolved.
  Content is small can be done with the old worker process, content increases, according to its water-soluble, insoluble in water, add some water-soluble excipients before granulation. Such as light weight, the proportion will have to add a tenacious accessories for adhesives in order to granulation is carried out smoothly, one-step adhesives ejected by the gun, the formation of fog zone, thus requiring the adhesive to be good fluidity, low viscosity , easy atomization. State Department with PVP liquidity ideal speed into a sticky, good quality. General domestic pulp, mixed low prices, but can not guarantee that the drug dissolution rate.
  2, boiling dryer can not be normal production, not fully grasp for technology, parameter adjustment improper is also one of the main reasons, such as: feeding amount, fineness of materials control, the lance height control, feed temperature control and gun haze and speed , are granulated directly affect factors.
  3, the nozzle improvements. Domestic spray head in use and easy to block, so bad, spray, little coverage. Foreign nozzle protected areas, never blocked nozzle used in the work, this structure, manufacturing units can refer to in order to produce better nozzle for customer service.
  Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer is a mixed dry in one of the new dryer. Condenser, vacuum pump and dryer facilities, consisting of vacuum drying device. Double cone rotating vacuum drying internal structure is simple and easy cleaning material to discharge all, easy to operate. Can reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment. Rotary container itself raw material is rotating and the device walls of the plot is not material, the heat transfer coefficient is high, the drying rate, not only saves energy, but also dry materials evenly full, good quality. It can be widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dyes and other materials dry. Comply with Drug Management Practices "GMP" requirements.
  Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer operation should pay attention to the following points:
  1 drive, check
  a, turn on the vacuum pump check, pipe joints, stuffing box leaks into the discharge port seal is good, sensitive vacuum gauge reaction. b, open cooling water valves to check the heat pipe joints, stuffing box for leaks, pressure gauge reaction is sensitive. c check the control cabinet each instrument, buttons, lights are normal, check the ground wire is good, with or without leakage, short circuit exists. d by arms filled with grease, each starter motor empty running, listening to the noise is normal, if not normal, you should check out the source of the noise, and to be eliminated.
  Will need dry materials joined container (powdered, fine granular slurries vacuum feed), and then turn off the feed hole cover.
  Row of vacuum valve is closed, open the vacuum pump, dry container negative pressure (600 - 755 mmHg).
  4, double cone rotary vacuum dryer close the power switch to start the motor, working push-button is pressed, the dryer starts to rotate.
  5, open the valve of the heat carrier, so that the heat carrier into dry container mezzanine inspection measured according to process requirements.
  The material drying completed, close the valve of the heat carrier, and then injected into the cooling water to the mezzanine, until the mass is cooled to room temperature, stop vacuuming. Row vacuum valve open, shut the motor, stopping the rotation of dryer, open the manhole cover material.撤消修改
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