The vacuum dryer classic advantage and production principle analysis
   The vacuum dryer Scope is very broad, and in particular, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Almost all of the pharmaceutical industry, there will be one or more vacuum dryer. Vacuum Dryer is the working chamber can be designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed ease of oxidizing substance, working to keep a certain degree of vacuum, and be able to be filled with inert gas to the interior, especially some of the components of complex articles can be performed fast drying, intelligent digital temperature regulator set temperature display and control.
  The vacuum dryer widely used biochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical, medical and health, agricultural research, environmental protection, research applications, as a dry powder, baking and a variety of glass containers, the use of disinfection and sterilization. Particularly suitable for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed easily oxidized substances and complex component items for fast and efficient drying.
  Compared to conventional drying techniques have the following advantages:
  Vacuum environment greatly reduce the need to expel the boiling point of the liquid, vacuum drying can easily be applied to heat-sensitive substances;
  Not easy to dry the sample, such as a powder or other particulate sample, and use of a vacuum drying method and the drying time can be effectively shortened;
  The complex structures of various mechanical parts or other porous samples using the vacuum drying method after washing, do not stay in any of the participating substances completely dry;
  Safer to use - may completely eliminate oxide heated and explode under vacuum or inert conditions;
  Compared with ordinary dry rely on air circulation, the powder sample does not flow air blowing or mobile.
  Electric vacuum dryer work indoors can maintain a certain degree of vacuum and intelligent digital temperature regulator set temperature display and control. The temperature regulator uses computer technology to work indoor temperature signal acquisition, processing, the working indoor temperature can maintain constant temperature automatically. The temperature control system is a PID intelligent temperature control, reliable performance, and easy to use. Intelligent temperature regulator have over-temperature protection. Work indoor temperature exceeds the set temperature value in the the equipment work process in over-temperature protection circuit operates to cut off the heating circuit.
  The sensor may be arranged outside the vacuum chamber wall. The sensor may also accept the convection, conduction, and radiant heat. Radiant heat in the vacuum chamber of the glass rod thermometer can only accept more impossible to achieve a glass rod blackness, a considerable part of the radiant heat is refracted, therefore glass rod thermometer reflects the temperature certainly lower than the temperature readings of the instrument .
  Generally speaking, the temperature readings, and the glass rod of the instrument when the 200 ° C condition the thermometer reading a difference of less than 30 ℃ is normal. If a temperature sensor for temperature control meter is disposed in the vacuum chamber, the difference between the temperature readings of the temperature value and the meter of the glass rod of the thermometer can be suitably reduced, but it is impossible to eliminate, and the sealing of the vacuum chamber is increased reliability may not be reliable link .
  If you do not want to see the differences from the operation practical point of view to consider, temperature control meter display specific correction can be used to solve.
  In everyday use, the operation of the vacuum dryer is quite easy.
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