Analysis of comparative vacuum dryer and the difference between the structure and use of boiling dryer
Vacuum dryer and boiling dryer are all drying equipment, we will compare the two and the difference between, so that the majority of users to choose a suitable drying equipment of their own businesses.
  Vacuum Dryer is boiling in the structure of the dryer and technically based on the research and development, is drying, crushing and screening multifunctional dryer, professional strict requirements for ultrafine particle size and nanoscale materials drying.
  A vacuum dryer is a device by removing the air inside the packaging container reaches a predetermined degree of vacuum after the removal of the inner member of the container moisture. Dry when the tank is in a vacuum, heating jacket through hot water (or steam, thermal oil), with the low-speed rotation of the tank, the material in the water the tank constantly up and down, inside and outside the movement and absorption into the diamond-shaped trajectory "evaporation, continuous discharge of steam through the vacuum line, drying purposes. Built-in spray drying the mixture at the same time, according to customer requirements, filtration, crushing and other devices can achieve its multifunction operation.
  Boiling dryer are formed using the heating of the air through the heat exchanger, hot air distribution by the valve plate into the host, the wet material from the feeder into the dryer, because of the role of wind pressure, the material formed in the dryer with a boiling state, and with the hot air extensive contact drying materials to be completed in a relatively short time.
  Powder Granulating, improve mobility, reduce dust; through the the powder granulation improve its solubility; mixing, granulation, drying step granulation in a machine.
  The difference on the steps / methods structure
  (1) vacuum dryer into the wind direction is the tangential inlet air drying section rotating wind speed determined by the speed of the air intake, always unvalued ultrafine powder dryer rotating wind speed rotation of the crushing plate as a driving force rotation of wind speed, without system interference, in order to ensure the production of reliable, stable product quality.
  (2) boiling dryer with the use of a control valve regulating the heated air through a heat exchanger, the role of wind pressure instantaneous drying materials, multilayer filter at the same time, efficient, safe and reliable quality
  (3) boiling dryer uses a unique silencer device, reduce the production of noise, environmental science and to the production origin looking for convenience.
  (4) the classification of the boiling dryer means is a speed adjustable rotating means, while the classification device of the flash dryer is actually just a grading ring, a rotary vacuum drier is improved, but the classification capabilities or not as good as the ultra-boiling dryer.
  (1) boiling drying mechanism of drugs, chemicals, food and other industries powder, granular materials.
  (2) vacuum dryer operation is lower than the labor intensity of the box-type dryer capable of recovering useful material moisture, operating conditions, management is more convenient. Its disadvantage is the low production capacity, the device structure is more complex, agitator blades are easily damaged. This dryer is used more often in the dye and pharmaceutical industry. For example, dry vat dyes intermediates, anthraquinone sulfonic acid vat olive green R, salicylic acid intermediates, Capulong polymerization body diamino anthraquinone materials dry. Vacuum rake dryer equipment structure.
  The difference in performance
  (1) boiling dryer confined to the negative pressure operation, the airflow through the filter. Easy to operate, easy to clean, the ideal equipment to meet the requirements of "GMP". Freely set stirring to avoid agglomeration of raw material and forming canal flow, convenient and easy to operate, the material of the vacuum dryer the fineness can only achieve a certain degree, and can not further control.
  (2) boiling dryer crushing function much better than flash unit and a wide range of applications, so the production is larger than the flash dryer, more granular product.
  (3) the thermal efficiency is significantly higher than the boiling dryer in dry flash machine, so the obvious energy-saving. But the vacuum dryer can effectively control the final moisture and fineness, through the regulation of feeding, air temperature, classifier, to ensure that the moisture content of the product and the fineness of uniform. The unique advantage of vacuum dryer.
  Comprehensive comparison of the drying effect
  Boiling Drier advantages are:
  (1) models, small footprint: supporting devices, and silencer ability, can production in the city.
  (2) the ability drying time short compared to the energy-saving pounds
  (3) fast, strong production capacity, according to their own requirements for automatic access to materials design.
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