How should type mixing service and maintenance, equipment operation, should pay attention to what?
   The type mixing maintenance and maintenance
  Groove Mixer use, maintenance procedures should be developed, in addition to the general type mixing maintenance rules, it would need to pay attention to the following matters:
  Groove Mixer 10 hours after the initial operation, a comprehensive examination, the necessary connection parts subject to tighten again.
  Groove Mixer 10 hours after the initial operation, check the degree of V-belt tensioning the V-belt when adjusting tension screw tightened evenly, a motor base plate shall be locking bolts tightened to prevent loosening.
  The 3 Groove Mixer ministries are kept clean, especially the inner wall of the mixing vessel refueling and nesting holes should be cleaned, anti-corrosion grease type mixing for a long time without the inner wall of the discharge section should be applied.
  Groove Mixer frequently checks and regular maintenance, damage to the vulnerable parts, timely repair, replacement.
  Tank mixer should be regularly checked, especially the heater and found that the damage should be replaced.
  Note type mixing operation
  1, groove mixer motor operation should be smooth, no abnormal sound, regular checks of the temperature rise is normal.
  Tank mixer spindle bearings, V-belt pulleys and other moving parts are functioning properly, if abnormal noise or vibration, immediately stopped and checked, and should be replaced immediately repair damaged parts.
  When replacement materials machine Color mixing vessel and nesting sites cleaned up.
  Groove Mixer feeding shall not exceed the maximum load coefficient. Groove mixer running, such as adding the plasticizer should slowly added, shall not be the plasticizer suddenly pour into the body, causing local material caking, resulting in a sudden increase of load, damage type mixing.
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