Boiling dryer in the granulation on the application and equipment maintenance and maintenance knowledge
The boiling dryer in the drug cross production effect is significant, because many drugs are required in the production process granulated
  Use of boiling dryer production Sheng Jin Qi particles. The fluid the Qi particles from dried tangerine peel, angelica, Scrophulariaceae, Ophiopogon medicine has the efficacy of Spleen Qi, Yin Sheng Jin. Traditional wet granulation more cumbersome, more extract mucilage, accessories dosage, and sometimes difficult granulation. Drying oven heating and long time, drying unevenness, the large energy consumption. Use boiling dry function greatly reduce the amount of materials, rapid mixing of the material.
  Finally, I will introduce the next boiling dryer in the the preferred new stomachic package chip. New stomachic package chip herb, skullcap, rhubarb, sodium bicarbonate and other drugs, with the heat and dampness, the effect of the sulfuric acid and stomach. The preparation of sodium bicarbonate is one of the indicators of quality control, but also the main component in the package chip outsourcing particles package chip granulation requires high, while the wet granulation is dried up to less than an excellent effect.
  Boiling Drier particle softness, traits, particle size, pressure and sheets of the core content of sodium bicarbonate as index key factors that affect the granulation, the use of single-factor test. It can be seen boiling dryer in the new stomachic package chips pelleting process without changing the raw materials, the the materials temperature is 45 ° C, inlet air temperature at 50 ~ 60 ℃, 5% starch slurry adhesives conditions The particles can be prepared boiling drying mechanism pressure and liquidity are better suppression of the package chip stable sodium bicarbonate content, the particles boiling dryer production operability, stable product quality.
  Boiling dryer in the granulation are numerous, of course, these three drugs merely representative. Boiling Drier drugs, there are many, for example, in the manufacture of drug particles of the the security fine films, Sheng Jin Qi particles, starch tablets is also frequently used to. Boiling the knowledge of all aspects of the dryer will be updated in a future article publishing, hope that we often stroll to our website.
  Vertical boiling dryer configured at the feed end of the stirring device, which could force the fluidizing effect, the material in the hot air to avoid the material due to water is too high cohesion, the added quantity is too large and accumulation in the bed surface, thus accelerating the drying speed cyclone; behind in the boiling chamber configuration, to avoid the dust flying, configure bag filter or water curtain dust removal device according to user requirements; characteristics play under water in the drying process itself has changed the proportion after dehydration in configured with a different amount of wind and air pressure and the range of temperature in the different areas, in order to meet the requirements of the drying materials; pipeline operations, reduce the operator's labor intensity; especially suitable for low-temperature, heat-sensitive materials fluidized drying.
  Boiling dryer use very widely, but a good machine also needs maintenance, and do not take care of no matter how good things are not use for a long time. Do you know how maintenance is required boiling dryer? Need to pay attention to what the problem? The following brief under brief.
  Day-to-day maintenance of the boiling dryer need to pay attention to the following points:
  Boiling dryer operator first checks before each operation steam valves, compressed air and the normal range table.
  2, check boiling dryer under the airbag ring with raised, flat head screw is loose and to prevent cars expected is pushed crashed.
  , Check bladed paddle boiling dryer hopper is too tight, tight vanes coupled with the resistance of the material, causing the the stirring motor drive load increase, broken transmission bumps or motor burned.
  , Check boiling dryer under balloon seals Pressure 0.1 ~ 0.15mpa high pressure caused the seal to burst, too low will not achieve the sealing action of the powder leakage, affect the production efficiency and dry mass.
  5, check the compressed air pressure is too high:
  6, is likely to cause the hot and cold damper cylinder momentum Ambassador damper live then broken or damage to the sealant, leak affect the drying effect. The bag Guijia the cylinder thrust is too large, the plunger to be easily bent.
  There is regular maintenance should pay attention to:
  Regularly monthly boiling dryer efficiency filter bags cleaned once from boiling dryer vents enter the loose framework screw, remove the mesh bag to use detergent soak for 30 minutes, then rinse and dry.
  2, regular cleaning lubricating the gearbox boiling dryer stirring device.
  3, regular the boiling dryer cars expected transmission gear plus lubricating oil, fill lubrication equipment records.
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