Rock particles machine used in the pharmaceutical industry
The purpose of the vast majority of the Western medicine tablet granulations prior granulation, tabletting, which is by the properties of the materials. Made of particles, and to increase its fluidity and compressibility. Fluidity is often stationary angles, and the angle of repose, flowability is good, otherwise the opposite. Compressible simplest measure is pressed into a tablet the required pressure for a certain hardness, if the required pressure is small, which may be applied pressure, or, if the hardness is compressible under a certain pressure into the tablet compression hardness. The preparation of the particles is a key to the operation of the legal one related to the success of the tablet and tablet quality is good or bad wet particles.
  The specific object is as follows.
  (1) increasing the flow of materials: fine powder flowability is poor and can not flow smoothly from the feed hopper in the die hole, less volatility, the difference in weight increase of the tablets obtained, but also affects the content of tablets and manufacturing grains increased mobility. The angle of repose of the pharmaceutical powder is usually about 65 degrees, typically about 45 degrees of the angle of repose of the particles, so the particles of the good flowability of the powder.
  (2) is reduced to reduce the fine powder adsorption and Yung save air sheet loose crack: The fine powder is larger than the surface area of ??adsorption in the air stored in the content, when the punch is pressurized, the powder in the part of the air can not escape timely pressure within the tablet, when the pressure is removed, the tablets, the tablets of the internal expansion of the air caused by loose crack.
  (3) avoid powder layering: There are several different types of original accessories powder density prescription tabletting process, due to the vibration of a tableting machine, so the weight of the sink, so that the light floating stratification is not allowed content.
  (4) avoid dust flying fine: fine dust sheet, adhere to the surface of the punch or the die wall, easily lead to stuck drill
  2 particles, the herb powder granulation method different raw materials granulation method ① all pharmaceutically acceptable powder mixture suitable soft material, extrusion the sieved granulated adhesive made or wetting agent The amount of the method (1). Binder or wetting agent must be in according to the choice of the nature of the powder, if the powder contains more minerals, fibers and water component should be used, strong adhesive bonding agent, such as a syrup, mixing honey, caramel, or used in combination with the starch slurry; prescription containing viscous components, and optional water, alcohol wetting.
  This method is suitable for small doses of toxic drugs, almost no fiber powder production. The ginseng tablets Anwei piece, does not apply to generic drugs or overdose. This method is simple, rapid, economic advantage, but be sure to pay attention to powder disinfectant tablets to meet the health standards. Crude extracts ② some medicinal powder thick extract the mixing granulator prescription medicinal materials, another part is pulverized into a fine powder of the herbs, a mixture of two viscous medium can be directly made of a soft material, the system particles. , If the viscosity after the mixing need to add the appropriate amount of adhesive agent or wetting agent granulated. Are viscous mixture should be too difficult granulated particles pressure test piebald, pitting crude extracts of medicinal powder mixed, dried, crushed into powder, plus run, the soft material of the particle system made of a humectant. Wider application of this method, suitable for most grain particles. Yuan Hu painkillers Niuhuangjiedu films. The biggest advantage of this approach is thick extract powder in addition to a certain therapeutic effect, thick extract from Binder powder medicinal disintegrant powder granulation and save attachments, the operation is simple.
  The granulating machine using extrusion principle rocking the soft material extrusion by certain mesh sieve, so as to achieve the the granulating purpose production machinery. Soft material before pelleting system, so it is necessary to process and medicine. The completion of the granulation process of the preparation of soft material disjointed, incoherent, and therefore energy efficiency is poor, high capacity, serious material loss. This equipment are very small. Now most of the switch to the shear granulators.
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