Groove Mixer significant product advantages and good maintenance habits
Groove Mixer is one of the number of processing enterprises widely used type mixing, mixers and other mixer Groove is the same as the product itself also has a unique advantage:
  1, good dispersion: Groove the mixer completely solve the proportion of material caused by high uniformity and dead ends. The present slotted mixer Axis Flying mortar mixed structure, a variety of short fibers can be effectively dispersed.
  2, the use of a wide range: type mixing can meet different performance requirements for the production of dry mortar. Such as: masonry mortar, plastering mortar, insulation systems the desired polymer mortar, mortar and other polystyrene particles moisturizing dry mortar.
  3, a small investment: Groove Mixer has a significant price advantage. Investment is small, quick.
  4, easy to use: Groove Mixer has a small footprint, simple operation, low energy consumption, produce 5-8 tons per hour.
  5, long service life: Groove Mixer wearing parts all made of high strength wear-resistant steel for parts it has a long life characteristics.
  Groove mixer can produce uniform mixing of the materials after use, reasonable use and maintenance can improve type mixing efficiency, reduce unnecessary ailments in use among the dry powder type mixing how to maintain it, let's see dry powder type mixing precautions required to use them, and how well the dry powder type mixing equipment maintenance.
  Keep out the cleaning of the feeding mechanism, the feeding mechanism in type mixing operation which requires running a flexible At this point you should often do a good job at cleaning the feeding mechanism and timely clean out dust and other residue, to prevent the impact of slot the normal operation of the type mixer.
  Good lubricating oil tank mixer frequent operation, bearing wear is more powerful, timely oil to keep the bearing lubrication function can reduce the degree of wear of the bearing, and thus play a maintenance role Groove Mixer.
  Chain to do clean-up work, the drive chain requires frequent oiled No. 30 machine oil with the right amount of oil in the brush when given period well oiled maintenance chain lubrication, normal operation.
  After the good reducer oil change on a regular basis, reducer general first refueling operation for more than 500 hours, the need to update a new oil later continuous work time can be updated semi-annually, remember to buy brand buy oil lubricating oil, to avoid the damage of inferior oil Groove mixer.
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