What are the requirements for the use of the environment of the vacuum dryer how to proceed with the installation and commissioning work?
A vacuum double cone rotary vacuum dryer use environmental requirements:
  a) Temperature: 40 ℃
  b) Relative humidity: ≤ 85%
  c) Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10%
  d) around without strong vibration and corrosive gases
  , Vacuum dryer debugging installation
  (1) connected to a vacuum dryer power. Power should be used three-phase five-wire cable, because the control circuit needs to "work", still need for safety and protection 0 "," protection "Another effect eliminate electrostatic material handling control chip interference control system freezes. The 'protection 0 "must be connected.
  (2) air intake Φ6 compressed air pipe inserted into the system, adjust the pressure relief valve to ensure that the system pressure is maintained at 0.6M pa press take over the chart cylinder of compressed air in the small car compressed air connector on the vacuum hopper connector on .
  (3) Usually hopper fixed in the uprights of the vacuum pump trolley, can be moved up and down by the height of the feeding equipment, adjusting the position of the good hopper. Extra to do for higher feeding equipment hopper hopper bracket.
  (4) with the hose of the suction nozzle and the hopper, a hopper with a vacuum pump links good with tight clamps card.
  (5) connected to the vacuum dryer power to open vacuum dryer door closed three-phase air switch on the control box on the material at this time, put a bright display of material time.
  (6) Adjust feeding time, discharge time. Increased by touching, feeding time minus buttons set in 10-30 seconds discharge time set at 2-6 seconds.
  (7) Press the ON / OFF button to start the vortex pump suction nozzle into the bins, and begins feeding. Suction, discharge a duty cycle. Vacuum feeder will automatically cycle continues until the feed hopper feeding equipment plus until full.
  (8) Press the vacuum dryer on / off button, turn on the vortex pump. Check the air pump steering the windless air vents discharge, the electric motor to reverse, turn off the on / off button, swap the power supply wire sequence, until the air pump is turned to the correct date.
  (9) material handling processes, should be considered in order to eliminate static electricity, friction reason will have a greater electrostatic reliable grounding of the equipment enclosure.
  (10) by the the material vacuum dryer equipment hopper the material level is lower than the level switch, pneumatic three-way valve automatic commutation system to re-enter the suction - discharge cycle, until the material in the hopper to fill.
  (11) vacuum feeder with a the novel microporous membrane filter, and a substantial increase in the feeding capacity and service life of the machine. Reasonable cleaning of the microporous membrane filter vacuum feeder performance of vital importance.
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