The key to guarantee universal grinder production machine rock particles
   Reasonable auxiliary suction system is to ensure that an important part of the production of universal grinder, the rational allocation of the universal grinder auxiliary suction system is of great significance. The two basic elements of general auxiliary suction to improve the production of universal grinder: First, the air flow from the inlet to the influx of crushing chamber and discharged through the sieve, so the air in order to become effective airflow to improve grinder production ; second, in order to significantly improve the yield, the amount of wind of the effective airflow must be large enough.
  The purpose of the system of the wind net sieve under a greater negative pressure is caused grinder, prompting the pulverizing chamber qualified powder can rapidly through the sieve, to prevent the sieve clogging and reduce the excessive pulverization of the material, to improve the yield of the grinder . Meanwhile, when the air enters the crushing chamber can be effectively cooled by the sieve sheet, a pulverizing chamber, remove the heat and moisture generated by the grinding chamber. In order to improve the micro-the crushing system efficiency generally two dust removal, the first use of brakes Cron fallout most of the dust and moisture, the way of the crushing of the high moisture content of the raw material, to better reflect the advantage to reduce condensation caused precipitator efficiency to reduce or even failure, but this dust the wind network design improper or the material sealed auger Selection unreasonable, and also to the following question: When the system after a period of time, brake Cron blockage under the unloader, the precipitator bag severe blockage, the fan efficiency is greatly reduced, the the universal grinder yield dropped to about 70% of the rated output even lower temperature the mill motor load increases.
  Rock particles machine wet powder or massive dry material developed into the desired particle mesh metal mesh, Simple detachably, elastic adjustable. Mechanical main components are enclosed in the body, together with the lubrication system, the smooth operation of the production process. The whole appearance made of stainless steel. Meet the GMP standard, and significantly improve the quality and economic efficiency of the particles.
  The rock particles machine is rocking the role of a rotating drum through a wire sieve can be wet powder materials research into particles, also widely used for crushing has become the pieces and be ready with the particles.
  Research into powder particles together in chemicals used as wet, after drying for compressed tablets, they can be crushed during storage and condense into a block or block sub-caking chemical process in the food industry used for handling of confectionery and sugar mixture and malt milk and other products in other industries, such as ceramic, plastic and other mixed material into shaped particles.
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