The universal grinder trends and product structure
Small grinder, also known as high-speed universal grinder, small high speed grinder, the solid samples grinder, sample preparation mill sample pulverizer, soil grinder, small size, structural precision, lower noise, higher fineness, drug-free loss, work when no dust, no vibration, animals, plants, minerals can be crushed, fast, only 0.2-1 minutes Serve thin noodles, crushing different drugs will never cross color odor, small high-speed Chinese medicine smash machine pole ideal crushing effect of Chinese and Western medicines, pearls, chemical raw materials, food, raw materials, minerals, soil, grain, coal, experimental materials, is currently clinics, outpatient department, specialty outpatient, pharmacy, small hospitals, specialty hospitals, hospital pharmacies families, research institutes, laboratories, research units, the model of choice for colleges small dose of instant smash, small high-speed grinder is also a research unit of solid samples crushed, crushed sample preparation, sample is crushed, soil crushing of choice for small crushed machine, a small high-speed Chinese medicine grinder Disadvantages: crushing effect on the part of traditional Chinese medicine is poor, some material grinding fineness uneven, crushed positions easily fever, only suitable for a small amount of crushed, not suitable for bulk crushed. According to its characteristics is divided into three categories of high-speed grinder, food grinder, and high-speed ultra-fine grinder.
  The main structure of the universal grinder
  Universal grinder from the main assembly and institutions: the above with leaves and broken firing pin tray; grinding chamber body; granular feed and roughage into the crushing chamber; feed device used to remove the damaged from the grinding chamber feed powder collector conveyor mobile equipment; shifting mechanism and motor starting devices and protective equipment. The General Assembly and the agency installed a total of rack.
  The main components of the universal grinder with the paddle and crushed Bay a disc. Steel plate, two blade along the height adjustable adjustment bracket. The angle of inclination of the blade flat and disc plane to 2 °. The blade is straight-shaped, with a cutting edge on both sides sharpened.
  Along the circumference of the disc 6 a special holder suspended 76 hammer pin pin (12 each of the four brackets hammer, while in the other two brackets, each hammer 14).
  Two asymmetric center of the spiral of the cantilever axis (reference Chemical Machinery) and a length of each of the tapered double-screw mixer in the stirring member, which is around its own axis while rotating (rotation), but also surround the cone composite motion of the vessel; by a V-type mixer, a planetary activity (revolve); M, rotation of the screw means so that the material continuously improve the rotation of the pivoting arm of the apparatus near the tapered wall surface to generate a shear cone convection, diffusion , so as to achieve the purpose of mixing.
  Products according to the requirements of the design, the outer sheath (heating and cooling), sprayers, the widespread use of chemical products, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, building materials and other powders and powder mixed reaction. The machine may increase the requirements of the process described in the outer sheath, in the mixer barrel in order to achieve the material of the cooling or heating to the cooling medium through the jacket was cooled generally pumped into the industrial water heating may pass into the steam or electric heating HTF.
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