What is the difference between universal grinder, swing pellet mill type mixing structure of the three models
Universal grinder are overall, sturdy structure, smooth operation. Internal stainless steel mill in addition to the chassis is stainless steel castings, good corrosion resistance, to ensure the purity of the crushed material.
  Universal grinder is mainly composed of several major components of the base, casing, spindle activity tray, sieve, hopper, active plate fixed on the spindle, fixed plate mounted on the front cover, and activities disc follows the spindle motor start with for High-speed rotary motion.
  There on top of the universal grinder, the next two hoppers, material added to the hopper, open baffle on the bottom of the hopper, the material from under the hopper through the middle hole of the fixed disk, enter the universal grinder cavity. Because the relative operation of the high speed of the movable disk and a fixed disk, while the ring gear of stars layers staggered so that the material to be crushed in their relative movement. The crushed material through the machine sieve filtered through the fine sieve, the outflow from the export base, rough and some continue to stay in the machine chamber crushed, so the cycle to complete the crushing of materials processing.
  Rock particles machine hopper, roller, screen, and mechanical drive system. Work, the mechanical transmission system driven drum rotates seven-sectional shape is trapezoidal "squeegee" roller, drum the following close with round tube clamps sieve mesh. Materials into a group by hopper join the drum forward and reverse rotation of the blade of the wet material to produce extrusion and shearing. The material is squeezed through a sieve into tablets.
  Channel mixer characterized by compact, easy to operate, beautiful appearance, small footprint, easy clean-up, good mixing effect. Mixer unit by mechanical rotation, the S-type impeller rotation, promote the materials flipping back and forth, uniform mixing, electrical control operation, and can be set mixing time to automatically shut down, thereby enhancing the mixing quality of each batch of material.
  Channel mixer the pass axis single-propeller blade angle on the single-propeller design is extremely reasonable and clever, single-propeller rotation, rolling up and down the material, at the same time the blade through the material to produce a certain angle pushed around on both sides of the mixing tank force, so that the mixing vessel to any corner materials are not stationary, so that the materials were mixed uniformly. This machine adopts seal, adjust the packing nut compensation axial pressure seal.
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