e type mixing technical characteristics and operation of the product details
Groove mixer is mainly used for mixing chemicals, building materials, paints, pesticides, paint, cable, wire, plastic, ceramic, glass, dry mortar, dry powder putty, the ratio of dry powder materials. Five-axis with a knife and mortar uniformity. 4-6 cubic meters per hour production. (4-6 tons)
  The Groove Groove blender applies to building masonry mortar, plastering mortar, adhesive mortar, cracking mortar, self-leveling mortar, runways, repair mortars, highway repair mortars, tile grouts, joint fillers, exterior wall Flexible putty, interior wall decoration putty and a variety of materials such as dry powder mixed.
  1 tank mixer good dispersion: the device completely solve the proportion of material caused by high uniformity and dead ends. This equipment uses the five-axis with Flying mortar mixed structure, a variety of short fibers can be effectively dispersed.
  Type mixing use: The device is able to meet the different performance requirements for the production of dry mortar. Such as: masonry mortar, plastering mortar, insulation systems the desired polymer mortar, mortar and other polystyrene particles moisturizing dry mortar.
  3 type mixing small investment: The device has a clear price advantage. Small investment, quick.
  Tank mixer is easy to use: The device has a small footprint, simple operation, low energy consumption, produce 5-8 tons per hour.
  5, the type mixing long service life: the Groove Groove Mixer wearing parts full high-strength wear-resistant steel parts. It has a long life characteristics.
  The method of operation of the tank mixer
  1, type mixing power, open the master switch, check whether the power running lights
  2, the impeller on the center position of the container, pressed down button, down to the lowest position, or the required position;
  3, two handle must pin tight to the truck to avoid container damage.
  4, open the main motor speed push button operation needs to be adjusted, in the case of high-speed operation is generally dispersed in 30-40 minutes to complete.
  The type mixing procedure should always pay attention to current, such as the Chaozhou operation, or other accidents should press the emergency stop button, check the reason, to take measures, and then continue to operate.
  6 downtime, the first speed button normalized to zero, followed by the host to stop, open up button spindle the impeller rise to the container above clean impeller.
  7, the replacement of the container, loose speed handle rotation rocker impeller is located in another container center, press down button down, the pin tight turn the handle to the next operation.
  8, remember every time slotted type mixer, repeat the above operation, carefully check again.
  9, groove mixer operator through training, skilled, before induction operation can not be operated, non-trainers, or peril.
  10, after completion, to ensure that the cut groove mixer power on-site cleaning, cleaning the use of tools, to cover all containers before leaving.
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