The development process and equipment of the type mixing significant advantage
Speaking of the Groove Mixer industry, great pride in our country and the type mixing yields they owned 70% of the domestic market. However, China also has a trace of pain, its production, although it accounted for 70% of the domestic market, but only one-third more than the output value.
  In recent years, under the active support of the policy carefully under the guidance of the Association, the spontaneous enterprising entrepreneurs, Groove Mixer industry in China started a "Blue Ocean" Battle of various enterprises to actively adjust the product structure, and take differences in development of the road, constantly extending to high-end products, and open up a new market space, and ultimately achieve enterprise lasting profitable growth.
  Groove Mixer enterprises in China are low-cost expansion of the road to go. Into a bloody "Red Sea" - that is, the a known competitive market space in the overcrowded industry market. In order to survive and develop each other to keep the prices down, to rely on the "price war" to participate in the competition, the results fell into the low end of the industry chain struggling. A simple example can prove that, previously, a common type type mixing should sell a few million, and now only sell a few thousand dollars.
  For China's Groove Mixer entrepreneurs, they have a dream, is to go through the "Unusual Way" core competencies to enhance Groove Mixer industry in China.
  Type mixing advantages are clear, prominent in the following aspects:
  1 tank mixer good dispersion: the device completely solve the proportion of material caused by high uniformity and dead ends. The tank mixer using Axis Flying mortar mixed structure, a variety of short fibers can be effectively dispersed.
  2, the use of a wide range: type mixing can meet different performance requirements for the production of dry mortar. Such as: masonry mortar, plastering mortar, insulation systems the desired polymer mortar, mortar and other polystyrene particles moisturizing dry mortar.
  3 small investment: Groove Mixer has a significant price advantage. Small investment, quick.
  4, the use of simple and convenient: The device has a small footprint, simple operation, low energy consumption, produce 5-8 tons per hour.
  5, long service life: Groove Mixer wearing parts all made of high strength wear-resistant steel parts. It has a long life characteristics.
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