The type mixing installation, commissioning and maintenance of process
Channel mixer: channel mixer for mixing powder or wet materials, the main materials mixed in different proportions, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics and other industries dry powder mixed. Channel mixer are used in contact with the material at the stainless steel blades and barrels small gap, no dead ends mixed, stirring shaft at both ends with sealing device to prevent material spilled outside, the hopper using buttons jog control, discharging convenient , particularly applicable to the uniform requirements are high, a large difference in material proportion material mixture. Trough mixer. Mixed materials commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry production equipment. Mainly used for mixing powder, wet and dry material or granular materials of different quality materials uniformly mixing proportion, generated during the mixing process does not dissolve, volatile, deterioration phenomenon.
  Trough mixer working principle: the moving parts of a mechanical stirrer during the rotation also on the liquid shearing action, the liquid in the various fixed member passing through the wall and to be mounted within the container, but also by the shearing action shearing will cause many local eddy diffusion. Stirring the body caused by convection diffusion and eddy diffusion, increasing the surface area of ??the molecular diffusion between the different liquids to reduce the diffusion distance, thereby shortening the diffusion time of the molecule. If the viscosity of the liquid is to be mixed is not high, can be achieved within the long stirring time randomly mixed state; if the viscosity is high, it would take a longer mixing time.
  Channel mixer applications: compact structure, easy to operate, beautiful appearance, small footprint, easy clean-up, mixing effect characteristics. Mixer unit by mechanical rotation, the S-type impeller rotation, promote the materials flipping back and forth, uniform mixing, electrical control operation, and can be set mixing time to automatically shut down, thereby enhancing the mixing quality of each batch of material. Channel mixer power, set the mixing time, press the switch to flip back and forth to get the mix of products to make the material through mechanical transmission, the machine for stainless steel, easy to use, convenient, suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food plants and so on.
  Trough mixer characteristics: liquid mixture mainly rely on a mechanical stirrer, a stream, and a jet of liquid to be mixed, so that the material is agitated to be mixed in order to achieve uniform mixing. Agitation to cause a portion of the liquid flow, the flowing liquid and push the surrounding liquid, to form a recycle stream results in the dissolved within, the diffusion between the resulting liquid is called the main convection diffusion. For density, the different components, the immiscible liquid, stirring the shearing action and a strong turbulence to the density of the liquid into small droplets shredder and to uniformly disperse it to the main liquid. Stirring the liquid flow rate must be greater than the settling velocity of the droplets.
  The type mixing the installation and commissioning
  Must be placed in a smooth type mixing place, and with screws plus feet.
  Unscrew the fuel screw, reducer Add oil to oil marking.
  Debugging should double-check type mixing various fasteners are loose, Groove Mixer abnormal murmur.
  Type mixing rules to
  Carefully before checking the type mixing various loose fasteners. The mixing tank and agitator cleaned. Start the main motor to run for 5 minutes stirring paddle, as without fault before the feed production. CH-10-type mixer feeding should be locking screw tightened to avoid mixing tank dumping.
  Groove Mixer maintenance and security technology
  Deceleration box lubricants and rolling bearing inner cavity grease should be checked regularly replaced. In order to ensure that the parts of the gear box worm gear lubrication conditions, runtime the box temperature must not exceed 35 ℃. The type mixing must have a reliable grounding, grounding resistance ≤ ohms. Not free to remove the electrical equipment and belt guard.
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