The boiling dryer product features as well as equipment in industrial application
Dryer in the production of constant practice, according to the production requirements constantly changing, then boiling dryer, they are labor crystallization, boiling dryer in practice, particularly in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, food, etc. more and more reflect its important role the boiling dryer In practice, however, is divided into many types, and has the distinction boiling dryer applications, and performance, use different boiling dryer to go in a different situation improve the efficiency of production.
  With the continuous development of application technology, the boiling dryer type and application, the classification of the device is also different. Be dried materials can be divided into three categories: the first category is the particulate material; second category is a pasty material; third category is suspensions and solutions having fluidity materials. Operating conditions, can basically be divided into two categories: continuous and intermittent. Structural state, general type of fluidized agitated flow type, vibration.
  On the the boiling dryer dryer manufacturers produced from the above three for a brief introduction. Operating conditions: GFG Series efficient boiling dryer, FG series boiling dryer is intermittent dry material particle size have certain requirements, generally requires not less than 30 microns and less than 4mm appropriate. When several materials mixed when dry, the proportion of different kinds of materials should be close. XF Series box-type boiling dryer ZLG series vibrating fluidized bed dryer is a continuous, can meet the requirements of continuous production.
  Better adaptability to a variety of materials boiling dry than hot air circulation oven, small footprint, large capacity, high thermal efficiency, and the dried product humidity uniform. Than air-drying, by adjusting the length of their stay in the fluidized bed of materials, make the product desired moisture.
  Boiling dryer is used to a particle size of 0. 1-6mm boiling dry granular materials, finished product suitable for pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical industry, intermediates and dry. Working principle of natural air fan pumping cited, via purification cabinet, heater, in the material Chuangban holes in the formation of high-speed air flow, and material was boiling, the moisture in the gas-solid large area of ??contact with the process material rapidly evaporation, so as to achieve drying.
  Purified by heating of the air, from the Fan import from the bottom through the hopper hole stencil. In the working chamber fluidization is formed through stirring and negative pressure, with the exhaust away moisture quickly evaporated, the material is dried quickly.
  Boiling dryer equipment features:
  Closed negative pressure operation, airflow through the filter, the operation is simple, cleaning the side, is the ideal equipment meet the requirements of "GMP".
  2, fast drying, uniform temperature, the drying time is 20-30 minutes.
  3, hopper set stirring to avoid agglomeration of raw material and forming canal of flow.
  4, turn dump grain, to facilitate the prompt and thorough design also required access to material systems automatically.
  5 bed is round structure to avoid dead ends.
  Boiling dryer is also available upon request and automatic access to material design.
  In summary boiling dryer applications we understand, but also for different types of boiling dry to have a better understanding, let me in a different environment, different production requirements, let us find our response boiling dryer to produce faster, more complete production requirements, more reliable, more secure, while allowing such devices to better service for our industry.
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