Vacuum dryer product structure characteristics and operation Note
   The vacuum dryer Department by the refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, electrical instrumentation and control systems. The main components of the oven, condenser, refrigeration units, vacuum pumps, heating / cooling means. Its working principle is to be dried goods first frozen to below the triple point temperature, so that the articles of the solid-state water (ice) and then under vacuum to sublimate directly into steam, and excluded from the article, the article is dried. Material through the pre-treatment, fed into the quick-frozen positions frozen, dry container and then into the sublimation dehydration after post-processing workshop packaging. Vacuum sublimation drying compartment to establish a low-pressure conditions, the heating system to the materials provided to the latent heat of sublimation, refrigeration system to provide the required amount of cold to the cold trap and drying chamber.
  Vacuum dryer equipment with efficient radiant heating, the material is heated evenly; catching efficient water-cooled trap, and can achieve rapid defrost; efficient vacuum unit, and can realize the oil-water separator; parallel centralized refrigeration system, multiple on-demand cooling stable working conditions conducive to energy conservation; using artificial intelligence control, high control accuracy, easy to operate.
  Vacuum Dryer Features
  Cuboid studio maximize the volume microcomputer temperature controller ensures a precise and reliable.
  Steel bulletproof double glass doors to observe the work of indoor objects, at a glance, to the inside filled with inert gas.
  3, the door is closed elastic can be adjusted, the overall shape of the silicon rubber door sealing ring to ensure the chamber high vacuum.
  4, the studio made of mirror polished stainless steel plate, to ensure that the product is durable.
  5, the storage, heating, testing and drying are in the absence of oxygen or filled with an inert gas environment, and therefore does not oxidize.
  6, shortest heating time, compared with the conventional vacuum oven, the heating time reduced by 50% or more.
  The vacuum dryer drying oven why the first vacuum and then heated up?
  Pulls out the vacuum program operation) first-warming heating, heated air vacuum pump unhorse when heat is bound to be taken to the vacuum pump up, leading to the vacuum pump temperature is too high, the vacuum pump efficiency may decline.
  2) The heated gas is directed to a vacuum gauge, vacuum pressure gauge will produce a temperature rise. If the temperature rise of more than a vacuum pressure gauge under the temperature range, we can make the vacuum pressure gauge showing error.
  The correct way to use should be evacuated and then heated up. To be found in the rated temperature vacuum degree decline then the appropriate plus pumping. Doing so is advantageous to extend the service life of the equipment.
  3) the workpiece into the vacuum chamber vacuum in order to take away the workpiece material can take away the gas composition. If the workpiece is first heated, the gas will expand when heated. Very good sealability of the vacuum box, the expansion gas generated tremendous pressure may the observation window Tempered burst. This is a potential danger. The first vacuum and then heat up the heating operation of the program, you can avoid this danger.
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