Type mixing in the pharmaceutical industry
   I launched a new product pharmaceutical type mixing, stirring and mixing equipment technicians draw domestic and foreign advanced technology based on independent research and new equipment for its sophisticated structure, reasonable design concept, fine processing technology, such as plastic, rubber, pharmaceuticals, dyes, food, daily chemical industry is widely used in a variety of materials, mixing, stirring, drying, coloring and other processing.
  Pharmaceutical Groove mixer mixing blades rotating flip plastic raw materials, rapid mixing, suitable for all kinds of plastic particles mixed colored. Because it has a fast hybrid mixture evenly absorbent resin plasticizer, the machine is easy to operate, easy to clean, durable, compact, uniform mixing and high technical content, so a new generation of ideal mixing equipment.
  Mixing pharmaceutical type mixing equipment is mainly applied to the powder or granular materials. The cooling mixer will complete thermal mixing process materials rapidly cooling. To exclude the residual gas of the hot mixture compound to facilitate the storage, transportation and subsequent processing of the materials, the mixed material contact parts are stainless steel, aluminum and other high quality materials and raw materials, and to ensure that the raw material mixture is not contaminated. Shaft, lid has a good sealing effect, provide an ideal working environment for the mixing chamber. Paddle through the static, dynamic balance test, there is a good balance of stability to ensure a long service life, is one of the essential processing equipment in the plastics industry.
  1, the pharmaceutical type mixing is within the horizontal channel single slurry mixer for mixing pasty materials, so that the different material mixing, in the pharmaceutical industry, and does not produce the dissolution of the material in the mixing process, volatile or deterioration.
  2, the pharmaceutical Groove mixer is not used to mix liquids or excessive viscosity materials.
  Structural features
  Medicine Groove mixer overall base, sturdy structure, smooth operation, stirring paddle and materials in contact at all with stainless steel, good corrosion resistance, to maintain the quality of materials and clean, without discoloration.
  Transmission mechanism using a worm gear, worm direct drive, no excessive sound, and there is enough oil reserves, good lubrication.
  Structure description
  1, stirring speed reducer
  The principal transmission structure of the reducer is to the mixer, which is located in the right side of the machine, work by the device in the machine landline motor through V-belt drive worm, worm, 1:40 deceleration driven mixer. Worm gear
  The shaft is hollow and fitted with a fixed key, enable freedom of assembly and disassembly impeller. The reducer top of equipped with two ring screws for assembly and disassembly, installation use. Equipped with a screw on cover for high-speed impeller positioning has been adjusted at the factory, and generally do not have to use tone.
  2, mixing tank
  The mixing tank slot body, made of stainless steel, built paddle lying in stirring reducer pouring reducer.
  3, pour the material reducer
  Pouring the gear unit for the control of the positioning angle of the mixing tank, which is located in the left side of the machine, the work of the motor by the device within the machine frame by belt drive worm, worm gear, driven by a mixing tank is rotated at a certain angle range, so that once mixed materials pouring.
  4, the base and the motor unit
  Cradle is a unitary structure, a motor mounted within the machine frame on both sides of the movable plate, the motor up and down the available screw adjustment, so that the V-belt to obtain certain degree of elastic, to keep the transmission force.
  5, electrical control box
  This control box to control the movement of the machine, It is located on the right side of the mechanical mixing tank drive pushed the mixing tank "on" button under "Note that the two can not be simultaneously press.
  Mechanical lubrication
  Reducer lubrication with oil-immersed, its oil reserves must be maintained in the oil standard line, the oil must be kept clean. As often required every three months for a new oil replacement should reducer unpick and wash clean, together with the new oil.
  Instructions and Notes
  1, prior to use, should undergo a running test, strong to connect all parts of the trial run before you check the machine, the reducer oil lubricants and electrical equipment integrity, then closed the master switch, which leads to the power to conduct The empty running test.
  2, empty running test should be connected to 15 of the manual steps and the role of requirements itemized trial. Found not in
  The case of the normal sound negative phenomena such as high fever reducer temperature helicopter bearing file sent before production.
  3, in operation For shovel scraping groove wall materials, application of bamboo tools must not by hand, so as to avoid the hand injury accident.
  4, such as found the machine shake abnormal or makes unusual strange noise, should be immediately stopped checking.
  5, use the load is not too large, generally measured motor load to no more than 6 amps 380V motor overload current mixing, as normal, such as exceeding the load capacity should immediately reduce mixed.
  , Both ends of the impeller shaft seal should be kept clean to avoid black material, deterioration, the outside of both ends of the mixing tank left side hole should be smooth, do not make it to plug to avoid counter pressure from the role, so that dirt infiltration the axis of the tank black, deterioration of materials.
  7, managers must be familiar with the technical performance of the pharmaceutical Groove Mixer, the internal structure of the control structure of the use of the principle of. During the operation will not be allowed to leave the workplace to prevent the failure of damaged parts, to ensure safety in production as a precondition.
  Care Instructions
  Regularly check the mechanical, 1-2 times per month, is flexible rotation as well as the wear of the inspection items for the various activities of the worm, worm, bearings, shaft seal, found defects should be repaired in time for normal use.
  2, electrical control parts should be kept clean, sensitive, found fault should be repaired in time.
  3, time after use or lockout, you should remove the remaining material, brush residual powder sub clear the machine part. Disable time is long, the machine must be all wipe clean with a tarpaulin cover.
  4 impeller assembly and disassembly should be light demolition stable installed, gently, to avoid distortion damage.
  Installation Instructions
  Medicine Groove Mixer overall packing, unpacking after moved to the appropriate use of local, pad level and can be used, such as the status of fixed ground screw can be installed.
  2, the electrical wiring and devices should be noted that the voltage, the user is not stated is all set to AC 380V. Wiring should pay attention to the the electricity required machine direction of rotation.
  3, must be attached to ensure the electrical safety ground effectively.
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