Universal grinder operating essentials and types of analysis
Pulverizer, the large size of the solid raw material is crushed to the required size of the machinery. Grinder by rough waves, crushing, wind conveying device composition, to achieve the purpose of shredders in the form of high-speed impact. The use of wind energy once into a powder, the abolition of the traditional screening procedures. The main applications in a variety of industries such as mining, building materials.
  The grinder can be divided into the primary crusher, crusher, grinding machine, ultrafine mill, straw mill, wood grinder according to the size of the material of scrap or broken system. Nip external force applied to the solid in the process of crushing, shearing, impact grinding four kinds. Nip in the rough, broken, suitable for hard material and chunks of broken material; smash cut mainly used in crushing, suitable for the toughness of the material; impact is mainly used in secondary crushing, grinding, ultrafine grinding, fitness grinding, crushing brittle materials; mainly in the fine grinding, fine grinding, suitable for small pieces and fine particles smash.
  Universal grinder operation and Notes
  A universal grinder before use, check universal grinder all fasteners are tightened, the belt is tensioned.
  The universal grinder spindle running direction must comply with the shield, as shown in the arrow direction, otherwise it will damage the universal grinder, and may cause injury.
  Check universal grinder electrical is complete.
  4 to check universal grinder grinding indoor or without metal, and other hard debris, otherwise it will bash tool, affecting the operation of the universal grinder
  Material be sure to check purity prior to shredding, do not allow metal hard debris mixed, avoid to damage the tool or cause burning and other accidents.
  Universal grinder oil cup should always be filled with oil to ensure the normal operation of universal grinder.
  Universal grinder type:
  (1) roller universal mill
  A relative to the rotation of the cylinder grinding roller to sawing, grinding feed machinery, high productivity, low power, easy to adjust, etc., and more for the wheat milling industry. In the feed processing industry, it is generally used for secondary crushing operations process.
  (2) hammer feed universal grinder
  A high-speed rotation of the hammer to crush the feed machinery. It has the structure is simple, versatile, high productivity and use of security features, common-9F-45, 9FQ a 50 the type and 9FQ a 50B type.
  (3) tooth claw feed universal grinder
  Is a high-speed rotation of the tooth mechanical claw to crush the feed has the advantages of small size, light weight, fine grain size of the product, the operating speed.
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