The impact of swing particle production yields What are the factors?
Rock particles machine in the granulation process, there are many factors that affect normal play rock particles, factors affecting the production yield of the rock particles have the following:
  1, moisture materials quenched and quenched and suitable water should be between 15.0% -16.5% specific judgments hand into a group, let go to spread appropriate. When quenched and tempered water is more than 18%, the material is easy to slip ring mold wall and the pressure roller, not even pressed pellets, reduce granulation production. Quenched and tempered water is less than 14%, the materials intense friction with the rock particles machine, reducing the granulation production.
  2, the new ring die of the mold Kong Guangjie degrees due to the inner wall of the die orifice is attached a part of the scrap iron, oxides, etc., before use should be performed polishing treatment, so that the inner wall of the die hole is smooth, to reduce friction and improve the yield of granulation.
  3, roll, roll and ring die mode spacing gap greater impact on pellet quality, general gap should be between 0.05-0.3 mm. When the gap is greater than 0.3 mm, the material layer is too thick, and the uneven distribution, reducing the granulation yield. When the gap is less than 0.05 mm, the machine is badly worn. Roll mode spacing determination method: general adjustment to boot the pressure roller when the rotation will not be diverted or grasping material thrown into swing pellet machine can hear a bang sound as well.
  4, swing the particle machine mold plug the hole no polishing treatment caused mainly by granulation poor performance materials or new mold or granulation unused after the cleanup of the oily materials. Found mold plug the hole, Application drill red open, less red open ring mold should be immersed in the tin with oil heating tin, hear the bang sound can be directly used to granulation.
  5, the cooling particle feed cooling is not sufficient, loose particles, increased by Lifting powder. The powder sieved after reflux granulation, thereby reducing the granulation yield.
  6, reduce the volume of feed volume of feed, even if the swing of pellet machine operator Quenched level again high, it is impossible to increase production.
  7, the materials and the coefficient of friction of the roll, mold material and the pressure roller, the ring mold inner surface friction coefficient hours, the material easy to slip, thus reducing the yield. The coefficient of friction of the material and the inner wall of the die orifice is too large, it will cause the material is pressed no die orifice, reducing the granulation yield. Factors affecting the friction coefficient formula, quenched and tempered, mechanical themselves.
  Feed scraper longer use time rock particles feed scraper wear serious, so enter the roller feed reduced modulus grab range, which reduces the yield of rock particles, and the rate of increase containing powder.
  9, the opening rate of the opening rate of the ring mold a great impact on production, to ensure the ring mold strength Aperture large general opening rate, granulating production is also high.
  10, aperture, depth to diameter larger than the aperture ring mold, granulating production, but also should choose the depth to diameter ratio. The thickness of the die hole is too large, low-yield, high hardness; small thickness of the die hole, small particle hardness meet quality requirements. 4.0 mm aperture, for example, the depth to diameter ratio range: high cereal content feed 9.5-12.5, heat-sensitive class materials 4.8-8.0. Wherein the large value should be in the 1% -2% of oil is added selection.
  Often encounter the problem of production is less than ideal rock particles mechanism granulation process, but granulation staff can find solutions according to the specific circumstances, it can make the efficient running of the rock particles machine, you can refer to the above method in the operation of rock particles machine not because the operating factors affecting the normal operation of the rock particles.
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