Improvements boiling dryer heat utilization and dust problems
   Inadequate utilization of thermal energy
  Boiling dryer from the structure and performance characteristics for an air convection drying equipment, it is the use of air as the heat conduction medium, compared to conduction drying equipment, energy consumption should be a lot higher, but if you can take some measures. , will be conducive to the energy-saving effect can not be maintained.
  In response to these issues, there are a few suggestions:
  1, the need to strengthen the the boiling dryer sealing effect, as is currently the majority of the the boiling dryer plane flange to connect the dryer hopper device body, poor sealing effect, interchangeable with the convex surface of the flange connection.
  2, the majority of the heat exchanger unit of the dryer steel pipe wound fin material cost savings, but the unfavorable effect of heat transfer, it is recommended to use brass heat exchanger, higher costs in the long run, can save not less energy consumption.
  Increased insulation measures can effectively prevent heat loss, most current oven drying oven to hold heat insulation layer, such as a vacuum oven, electric blast oven, hot air circulation oven drying equipment.
  Trap dust removal device improved
  Large part because only materials having a good fluidized state in order to make the case for fluidization process operations carried out smoothly, the efficient filtering dedusting apparatus can make such a state continues, the boiling effect is determined by the efficiency of the filtering dedusting apparatus boiling dryer dust shaking bag dust and pulse cleaning dust in two ways.
  Shaking bag dust the trap bag back and forth shake achieve dust effects through the reciprocating motion of the cylinder, this bag anti-static fiber fabric production, trapping bag lifting the overall form, but due to the bag filter device disassembly inconvenience , plus hanging tendons selection on unreasonable easily cause deformation, resulting in lax tightness also ran powder and air volume change may occur, and pollution of the environment at the same time reduce the yield of the product.
  Recommendation: filter bag should connect clamp connection, hanging bars should not easily deformed rigid materials, regular inspection and replacement of the bag.
  With domestic solenoid valve technology continues to improve and process improvement makes production costs greatly reduced the formation of lower prices, pulse recoil dust removal device gradually become the mainstream of the trapping device device. Using the filter element, there are two: one is the bag into account the core and a sintered stainless steel mesh into account the core two. The most obvious of which the stainless steel sintered wire mesh into account core advantage is only a yield of any material can guarantee to achieve more than 99% of the filter, and clean technical problems have been resolved, also in the service life advantages.
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