How to deal with the universal grinder plugging problems? Equipment use should pay attention to?
Universal grinder jam processing methods:
  The universal grinder blockage is one of the common faults in the use of universal grinder, there may be problems exist in the equipment design, but more is caused by improper use operating.
  (1) feed too fast, the load increases, causing blockage. Feeding process, it is necessary to pay attention to the ammeter pointer deflection angle, if you exceed the rated current that motor overload, overload for a long time, will burn out the motor. Such a situation should immediately reduce or close the loading door can also change the way you feed to control the feed rate by increasing the feeder. Feeder manual, automatic two users choose the feeders should be based on the actual situation. Due to the high speed universal grinder, big load, and strong load volatility. Therefore, the current universal grinder work generally control about 85% of the rated current.
  (2) discharge piping poor or clogged feed too fast, make universal grinder outlet clogging; transportation equipment mismatch will cause material piping wind weakened or no wind blocked. Detects the failure Qingtong send port change does not match conveying equipment, Adjust the feeding amount, so that the normal operation of equipment.
  (3) hammer fragment, aging, mesh hole closed, broken, the crushed material moisture content is too high will cause the universal grinder clogging. Broken hammer and serious aging, should be updated regularly to maintain universal grinder in good working condition, and periodically check the screen the crushed material moisture content should be below 14%, thereby enhancing productivity, and so universal grinder not congestion, enhance the reliability of the universal grinder work.
  Universal grinder before use should pay attention to?
  1, universal grinder and power unit should be securely installed. Universal grinder fixed long-term job, it should be fixed on a cement foundation; universal grinder is a mobile operation, the unit should be installed in the chassis made with angle iron, and to ensure that the power machine (diesel or electric motor) and Universal crushed The machine pulley groove is rotating in the same plane.
  The universal grinder after installation to check ministries fasteners fastening tighten if loose be. At the same time you want to check the belt tightness is appropriate.
  Universal grinder before starting the first hand to rotate the rotor, check teeth claw hammer and rotor operation is flexible and reliable, shell or without collision phenomenon, the direction of rotation of the rotor is under the machine arrow direction, the power machine and the universal grinder lubrication.
  4, it should not replace the pulley to prevent excessive speed grinding chamber to produce an explosion, or the speed is too low to affect the efficiency of the universal grinder.
  Universal grinder starter should idling 2 ~ 3min, no anomalies before feeding.
  Work to pay attention to a universal grinder functioning, feeding should be uniform to prevent blocking boring car, not to overload of work for a long time. If there is vibration, noise, bearing and body temperature is too high, spray material outward phenomenon should immediately stop check, troubleshooting before they continue to work.
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