Analysis of the relationship between rock particles machine with vacuum dryer
In Chinese medicine, Western medicine, chemical industry, food, health care products and other products of the industry drying, spray drying will help reduce costs. The original shape larger defects viscosity slightly higher and have heat-sensitive requirements powerless. Conventional freeze-drying can be obtained excellent product solubility, and high quality products, but the yield is too low, and the cost is expensive. The Vacuum Dryer emerged.
  Vacuum dryer is successfully developed after repeated comparison of conventional spray drying and freeze-drying of the advantages and disadvantages of a new concept of energy-efficient drying equipment.
  The vacuum drier is formed inside the porous loose dry products can keep the product of the original material properties, good appearance, and therefore to meet the processing requirements of a great part of the heat-sensitive materials are vacuum drying.
  The vacuum dryer breakthrough continuous vacuum state expected out technical problems, the successful dry static into dynamic drying. Substantial increase in the production of dry products while production costs declined.
  Vacuum dryer is particularly suitable for spray drying and vacuum oven drying of materials of high viscosity, high-fat, high-carbohydrate difficult to solve. Good and can maintain the stability and consistency of the product batch.
  Rock particles machine main wet powder or lumps of dry material to develop into the desired particle mainly to wet the powdered mixture, the positive anti-rotation effect of the rotating drum, mandatory granulated through a sieve special equipment.
  Machine working principle of the rock particles is suitable humidity powdery mixture into the hopper, the reciprocating rocking by the cutter wheel, and the species with the role of the rotary drum rocking through a wire sieve to the wet powder materials research into particulate material from the mesh The extruded and pelletized. Massive impact crusher, the material in the drum through a screen made ??of particles and forces.
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