Of vacuum dryer drying technology in the tablet production
   Dry tablet production from raw material extraction to the final part of the semi dry paste. Vacuum dryer technology is directly related to the quality of the product. In tablet production, other aspects of control, no matter how, and if, in a dry part of uneven drying, the active ingredient is destroyed, the thermal deterioration and other problems, the tablet quality will ultimately fall short.
  Vacuum dryer technology due to the low-temperature drying, less active ingredients destruction, loose and easy to melt absorption, dried and sterilized at the same time the advantages so as to ensure that the active ingredients of the product, high aseptic indicators, good oral absorption. , Compared with oven drying, spray drying method, vacuum dryer vacuum continuous drying method has many unique advantages and can guarantee the quality of products is much higher than other drying methods.
  The vacuum drier The main drawback is the need of a vacuum system, capable of pumping steam so that equipment investment is high cost and the running cost is high; equipment, production efficiency is low, the output is small. To overcome these shortcomings, many technology workers, made a lot of effort. Meanwhile, since the vacuum drying has many advantages, some products have to adopt the vacuum drying equipment. Therefore, the development of vacuum drying equipment will be promising.
  Continuous vacuum dryer at home and abroad unbalanced development to improve equipment production to ensure product quality, and abroad in more than a decade ago to develop a variety of continuous vacuum drying equipment. However, in the domestic limited by the level of technology and people's understanding of the concept of slow development.
  Vacuum dryer vacuum continuous drying method has the following four main features:
  A low-temperature drying
  Under the vacuum atmosphere, the boiling point of water is reduced, and can realize low-temperature drying, and provide favorable conditions for the drying of heat sensitive materials, products active ingredient can be better to avoid heat damage during the drying process. Natural extract products such as the production of the product in the entire drying process in a vacuum, closed environment, the the mild drying process (temperature 40 ° to 60 ℃) can maintain its active ingredients.
  Second, anaerobic differentiation
  Under the vacuum atmosphere, the oxygen partial pressure is reduced, to avoid the oxidative deterioration phenomena of the material during the drying process, and protect the quality of the product to be dried.
  Third, loose microporous
  Under high vacuum, the product after a period of time to gradually dried, the structure from the microscopic point of view within the micropores, and directly pulverized to a desired particle size, the fluidity of the particles is very good. Meanwhile, the microscopic structure of loose particles instant excellent, more conducive to human absorption.
  Four, synchronization sterilization
  In vacuum hypoxia, can effectively inhibit microbial growth, to achieve the purpose of killing bacteria. In the dried product at the same time, can be again achieved the sterilization function. Double sterilization to ensure a sterile product compliance.
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