Mechanical classification and technical characteristics of the vacuum dryer
   Bipyramid rotation vacuum dryer
  The concentration of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, in powder, granular and fibrous materials, mixing, drying, and the need for low-temperature drying of materials (such as biochemical products, etc.), more easily oxidized volatile, the thermosensitive strong stimulation, drying toxic materials and the materials are not allowed to destroy the crystal. Two elastic belt / chain connection, and thus the equipment running smoothly. Specially designed process, and fully reflects the good concentricity of the two axis, heat medium and vacuum systems are a reliable mechanical seal or rotary joint. The aircraft can stepless speed regulation, but also thermostatically controlled. A heat transfer medium from the high-temperature heat conduction oil, the temperature steam and low temperature hot water readily available. Drying the adhesive material in the tank for your specially designed copy board structure.
  Vacuum rake dryer
  Vacuum rake dryer, a heat conduction dryer. Material not directly contact with the heating medium is suitable for drying a small amount of high temperature and easy oxidation of the sludge, pasty materials, the moisture content was 15% to 90%. Level rake agitator blades in the dryer is made from cast iron or steel, installed in a square shaft, half of the blade direction to the left, the other half to the right. Shaft speed the 7 ~ 8r/min, it is driven by a motor with a gear box. Automatic steering, the rotation axis direction, and a stirrer rotation direction change every 5 ~ 8min.
  Plate Vacuum Dryer
  Plate vacuum dryer, also known as disc vacuum dryer, dry Japanese publishing monographs have been introduced. China, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang and other places have been successfully developed. On the basis of conduction dryers in intermittent stirring, the combination of a series of advanced technologies, developed through continuous improvement and development of a multi-layer fixed hollow heated disk (also known as contained in the feed tray), turn rake mixing, the vertical continuous conduction-based drying device.
  Low temperature with continuous vacuum dryer
  Low temperature with continuous vacuum dryer is developed after repeated comparison of the successful development of a new concept of energy-efficient drying equipment at the advantages and disadvantages of the conventional spray drying and freeze drying
  In Chinese medicine, Western medicine, chemical, food, health products and other products of the industry is drying, spray drying is conducive to cost, but the solubility of the product. Flavor and shape of the powder there is a big defect, the viscosity slightly higher and heat-sensitive requirements of the product is powerless. Conventional freeze-drying can be an excellent product solubility and high quality products, but the yield is too low, and expensive.
  Low temperature continuous vacuum dryer of the process indicators just between these two devices, it can make dried products internal formation of porous loose to retain the original materials nature, good appearance, due to the vacuum low-temperature drying, so you can meet the processing requirements of a great part of the heat-sensitive materials.
  Low temperature continuous vacuum dryer broke through the technical problems of continuous access to the material under vacuum, static drying success into dynamic dry. Substantially increased the yield of dry products, but also makes the cost of production declined.
  The low temperature continuous vacuum dryer is particularly suitable for high viscosity, high fat and high carbohydrate materials are difficult to resolve by the spray drying and vacuum oven drying. And maintain the stability and consistency of the product volume.
  The technical characteristics of the vacuum dryer:
  A. Continuous feed and discharge, the feed rate may need to be set freely in the vacuum state.
  Two. The heating system can be steam, hot water and electric heating transfer heat conduction oil heating and other forms.
  3. The drying temperature from 25 ℃ -80 ℃ arbitrary regulation, after 20 minutes -60 minutes continuous discharge until the batch to complete.
  4. Track Teflon material, smooth running, reliable, uniform heating area. Crawler speed can be adjusted layers in 2-5 layers can be determined based on the user's production requirements.
  5 Using a variety of fabric device can be adapted to a wide range of liquid extract, powder and granular materials dry.
  6. With automatic crushing system under vacuum, dry particle mesh can be arbitrarily chosen based on user requests.
  7. With CIP the reign cleaning system, automatic cleaning fast and easy.
  8. Selection of high quality vacuum unit and carefully designed combination, with continuous high-capacity pumping speed and stability of the vacuum.
  9. Energy consumption, no waste, low-noise.
  10. Full compliance with GMP certification requirements.
  The main advantage of the vacuum dryer:
  · A full set of process automation, pipeline, continuous, and procedures.
  Vacuum low-temperature state to complete the drying process, the invariance of the heat sensitive materials, contamination-free opportunity.
  Suitable for a variety of difficult materials dry.
  · Materials dry (moisture content) is adjustable.
  · Energy consumption is only one-third of the centrifugal spray machine of the same production.
  PLC touch screen operation control, and there is continuous protection device.
  · This machine is designed reasonable, compact structure, convenient installation and commissioning to adapt to the conditions of most of the work placement.
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