How to handle the day-to-day failure of the universal grinder
First, we use the universal grinder when no one is willing to it fails, but this is impossible in theory and practical application, when the universal grinder failure how to do it? The following teach you how to troubleshoot common failures universal grinder.
  Failure phenomena and solutions
  First, the commonly used universal grinder motor directly connected to the crushing equipment, this connection is simple and easy maintenance. However, during assembly the two can not very well connected, it will cause the overall vibration of the universal grinder.
  (1) motor rotor universal grinder rotor heart. Left and right to move the motor position, or the end of the motor at the foot of the surface and pad to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors.
  (2) universal grinder rotor heart. The reason is to support the palm of the rotor shaft 2 bearing surface is not the same plane. The underside of the support bearing pad copper, or increase in the bearing at the bottom of the adjustable wedge by the two-axis head concentric.
  (3) the grinding chamber part of the vibration. The reason is that the connection of the coupling with the rotor center or rotor inside the flat hammer quality uneven. Take the appropriate method according to the different types of coupling withered the whole coupling and motor connection: When the uneven quality of Hammer, to be re-matching each set of hammer, the relative said the hammer, the relative said the hammer chip error is less than 5G.
  (4) the original balance is destroyed. Electrical repairs to be done after the balancing test, in order to ensure the overall match balance.
  (5) universal grinder system, anchor bolts loose or solid foundation, installation or maintenance, to evenly tighten the bolt, between the foot base and grinder mounted shock absorber, reducing vibration.
  (6) Hammer to break or smash indoor hard debris. These are caused by the imbalance of rotor rotation, caused by machine vibration. Therefore, to regularly check for wear serious hammer. Replacement should be symmetrical to be replaced; the unusual sound of the grinder operation to immediately stop check and find out the reasons and timely treatment.
  (7) the connection of the grinder system and other equipment do not match. Such as feeding tubes, improper feeding tube connection, it will cause vibration shipped and made sound. Therefore, these join the Ministry, should not be hard connection, preferably a soft connection.
  Second, bearing overheating
  The bearing is the more important universal grinder parts, its performance directly affects the normal operation of equipment and production efficiency. Equipment during the operation, the user should pay special attention to the bearing temperature rise and noise of the bearing parts of the abnormal early.
  (1) 2 bearing uneven, or the rotor grinder rotor heart, make the bearing by the impact of the additional load, causing bearing overheating. This happens, immediately stop using the universal grinder, troubleshooting in order to avoid damage to bearing early.
  (2) lubricating bearing too much, too little or aging is caused by the bearings to overheat and damage the main reason, therefore, be used according to the use of book requirements on time quantitative filling oil accounted for 70% of the bearing space, general lubrication - 80%, too much or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer. Bearings to extend their useful life.
  (3) bearing cap and shaft with tight bearing and the shaft of the tie is too tight or too loose will lead to bearing overheating. Once this occurs, equipment operation, we will send the friction sound and swing. Should stop using the universal grinder, remove the bearing. Dressing friction parts, and then reassembled as required.
  Third, universal grinder blocked
  Universal grinder clogged grinder use one of the fault, there may be problems in equipment design, but more due to the use of improper operation.
  (1) feed too fast, the load increases, causing blockage. Feed, it is necessary to pay attention to the ammeter pointer deflection, if you exceed the rated current, indicating that the motor overload, overload for a long time, will burn out the motor. This situation should immediately reduce or close the feed door, you can also change the feed to control the feed rate by increasing the feeders. Manual, automatic two feeders, the user should choose the right feeder according to the actual situation. Universal grinder speed, load, and load fluctuations. Therefore, the grinder when the current is generally controlled at about 85% of the rated current.
  (2) The discharge pipe poor or blockage of the feed too fast, make universal grinder outlet to plug; mismatch and transportation equipment will result in the discharge pipe wind weakened or no wind after blocked. Clear through the send port change does not match the delivery of equipment to detect failure to adjust into the feed rate, the normal operation of equipment.
  (3) fragment of the hammer, aging, screen hole closed, broken, crushed material moisture content is too high will cause the universal grinder clogged. Hammer should be updated regularly fracture and severe aging, maintaining the grinder in good working condition, and regularly check the screen, the crushed material moisture should be less than 14%, thereby enhancing production efficiency, universal grinder is not blocked and enhance the reliability of the grinder work.
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