Common faults and maintenance of the channel mixer
The channel mixer used for mixing powder or paste material mixed, so that different quality materials. Is a horizontal trough single paddle mix, stir shake the paddle through the shaft for easy cleaning. Contact with the object at the whole made of stainless steel, good corrosion resistance, mixing tank can be automatically flip down material. The channel mixer with good dispersion, using a wide range, easy to use, long life, small investment, quick features popular on many occasions. However, many operators of the channel mixer for routine maintenance and fault repair, lack of experience, so that small problems do not timely maintenance drag has become a major fault, thus greatly reducing the life of the channel mixer. Below give you a brief look at the channel mixer common faults and solutions, and routine maintenance of the channel mixer method.
  Channel mixer may malfunction, simple, for there are several, including start-up, the host vibrations, the host oil spills and so on.
  Startup difficulties and can not start, the reasons leading to this phenomenon is generally attributed to the following three cases, including three corresponds to the solution: a full load and overload up and running, the solution: reduce the load, the first operation after feeding;
  2, the power is not connected to the phase responses: electrical access to power, check the line;
  3, the voltage is too low, countermeasures: avoid the peak or to ensure that the voltage is normal.
  Second, the host of vibration and noise abnormal sound of the small channel mixer for this phenomenon, including five kinds of incentives and five corresponding to the solutions:
  1, the plasma axis damage, countermeasures: replace slurry axis;
  2, the installation was not adjusted, countermeasures: Reinstall and adjust the mixer horizontal;
  3, the spiral blade damage, measures: replacement propellers leaf;
  4, gearbox damage responses: replacement of damaged parts of the gearbox;
  5, no oil or lubrication pump oil, Countermeasures: lubricating or replacing the pump or clean pump piping obstructions.
  Third, small channel mixer barrel body leakage phenomenon, mostly because their seals, as follows:
  A viscous material into the seals, the solution is to clean the sealing;
  2, seal aging or damage, the response is to replace the seals.
  Fourth, the phenomenon of the failure is to worry about the mixer tube covered with the Ministry of host oil spills, as follows:
  An aging, oil seal - replace the oil seal machine overhaul or maintenance
  2, lubricants add too much - put the oil to the oil standard position;
  3, combined with surface did not tighten the fastening bolts - the bolts;
  4, the machine shell sand holes, damage - welding repair welding of sand hole, crack, replacement of damaged parts.
  Normal circumstances, the above are channel mixer problems encountered in the use of the process, relatively speaking, according to the above can be solved, should unusable, do not operate when seeking manufacturers and technical personnel to help!
  The channel mixer is mainly used for mixing powder or wet materials, the different proportions of excipients mixed dry powder blend is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics and other industries. So how do you channel mixer routine maintenance, you know the usual channel mixer a good maintenance can enhance their life, so that greatly reduces the failure rate of the channel mixer to save on maintenance expenses. So how do you channel mixer for maintenance? In fact, the most basic is to have a good day-to-day maintenance practices.
  Channel mixer maintenance:
  A regularly check parts, 1-2 times a month, check the item for the various activities of the worm, the worm, bearings, shaft seal part of the rotating flexible wear, found that the defects should be repaired in time, in order to channel mixer can be used normally.
  Lubrication: reducer lubrication with oil-immersed, its oil reserves must remain in the oil standard line, the oil must be kept clean. Such as frequently used to be every three months for a new oil replacement should reducer removable and washable cleaning, coupled with new oil.
  3, the trough mixers electrical control parts, should be kept clean, sensitive, found that the fault should be repaired in time.
  Once finished or laid off, you should remove the remaining material of the mixing tank, brush clear the machine part of the residual powder child. Such as disabled a long time, channel mixer must be all clean, and the tarpaulin cover.
  5, the mixing paddle assembly and disassembly should be light demolition, stabilization installed light, to avoid distortion damage.
  As long as usual to spend a small amount of time, can have unexpected results, you may wish to try.
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