Boiling the dryer rzdry the composition principle
   Fluid bed dryer rzdry an activity gear and fixed gear cross-examine the relative motion, the impact of the material being crushed by the teeth, friction transitive impact of each other, the combined effect of grinding machines
  Boiling dryer rzdry principle
  Air pressure centrifugal fan suction send Asia efficiency air filters into the air heat exchanger heating to set temperature, and then the formation of numerous high-speed airflow beam through the gas distribution plate out of the material, the gas beam ask the formation of vacuum entrainment of the material, making it boiling like. The hot air in this state and the material extensive exposure to, and enhance the heat transfer process, and thus in the short period of time to promote the evaporation of moisture in the material separation. Thus, the wet gas flow through the trap bag discharged by the fan, captured bags interception boiling inside the material, compared with dry particles
  Boiling dryer rzdry characteristics
  · Effects of heat transfer, uniform bed temperature, high thermal capacity factor (or the volumetric heat transfer coefficient), the production capacity;
  Uniform temperature distribution in the fluidized bed, to avoid any local overheating of the product, so drying is especially suitable for certain heat-sensitive materials (such as grinding taro, polyacrylamide, etc.);
  In the same equipment for continuous operation, intermittent operation;
  · Material residence time in the dryer can be adjusted as needed, so the product moisture content and stability;
  Independent electrical cabinet and PLC man-machine interaction control, integrates all drying parameters set, safe and convenient operation;
  Drying device mechanical transmission parts and equipment investment cost and less maintenance workload.
  · Device without dead ends, lighter, faster loading and unloading, rinse, to meet the GMP standard.
  Boiling the dryer rzdry range of applications
  Granulation in the pharmaceutical industry: tablet particles, granules, granules, capsules, granules.
  Granulation of the food industry: cocoa, coffee, milk, juice of granule, flavoring and so on.
  Other industries: pesticides, feed, fertilizers, pigments, dyes and chemical.
  Powdery or granular wet materials are dry.
  Coating: granule, pill layer of protection, preparedness color, sustained-release, film, enteric coating and so on.
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