Advantages of microwave vacuum dryer and operating procedures
   Developed countries in the 1980s, has begun the development of industrial microwave vacuum dryer, and achieved good results in practical applications. French International Microwave processing seedless raisins microwave vacuum dryer, the traditional craft of 65 ° C, 24-hour hot air drying into a 50 ° C, 5 hours of microwave vacuum drying, the product quality and production are greatly increased. The first in China began the development of microwave vacuum equipment, to complete the industrialized 10KW microwave vacuum dryer developed through years of hard work. Pharmaceutical engineering, biological engineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering, and agricultural and sideline products deep processing provides a new, efficient drying equipment.
  Here are several major advantages of dry microwave vacuum dryer:
  1, the efficient conventional vacuum dryer uses steam to heat, need to be heated from the inside out, the heating is slow need to spend a lot of coal, while the microwave vacuum dryer using electromagnetic heating, no heat transfer medium, direct heat to the objects inside the heating rate, 1 kW of microwave energy within 3-5 minutes at room temperature water heating to 100 ° C, to avoid these shortcomings, so fast, high efficiency, greatly reducing the drying cycle, reduce energy consumption. Compared with the conventional drying technology can improve the ergonomics more than four times.
  Uniform heating, microwave heating, the material is from the inside out at the same time heating, the temperature difference between inside and outside of the material is very small, does not produce internal and external heating in the conventional heating inconsistent situation, resulting in a puffed effect conducive to crushing, drying quality is greatly improved.
  Easy to control, to facilitate continuous production and to automate the microwave power can be quickly adjusted and non-inertial characteristics, easy real-time control can be adjusted between 40 ℃ -100 ℃ temperature.
  4, are small size, easy installation and maintenance, do not account for much of venue.
  5, the quality of microwave vacuum dryer, microwave vacuum dryer to extend the shelf life of food, preserving food's original flavor and nutrients, and to retain the physiological activity of the raw materials, enhance the functionality of the health food, and increase the added value of agricultural products aspects. Compared with the conventional method, the processing of product quality has improved greatly.
  6, microwave vacuum dryer microwave disinfection, sterilization efficacy, product safety and health. Long shelf life.
  7, the microwave vacuum dryer significant economic benefits. Traditional drying time required for a very long, very slow, energy consumption, high processing costs. Microwave heating can save a lot of energy, and improve the heating and drying speed. This is because the microwave has a penetrating, heating the object, without any media, and the material inside and outside at the same time heating. Domestic and international information, the use of microwave equipment, heating the material, its speed and performance is 20 times of conventional heating methods.
  From the features described above, energy saving, consumption, improve product quality, safety and health, investment in equipment and low cost aspects can be seen to its significant economic and social benefits. Has formed a new industrial microwave vacuum dryer from 2KW-100KW microwave vacuum dryer products. This will in many fields of our national economy and scientific research departments to provide a modern high-tech drying equipment.
  Microwave vacuum dryer standard operating procedures
  One, before the preparation of
  1, before the operation to open the gates to check whether the cylinder chamber foreign body.
  2, check the equipment and material contact parts meet the appropriate cleanliness requirements, fails to reach, then re-wash and dry.
  3, inspection equipment, parts loose, found loose to be tightening.
  4, check lining placed correctly.
  5, into the need to dry the material, liquid material thickness of 1 ~ 3cm, should not be too little, not too thick, to prevent uneven drying or drying overflow. Each reel loaded.
  6, install the loading plate to the bracket, check the loading plate and bracket connection is reliable, the relative rotation is flexible.
  Second, driving
  1, press the button, turn on the device.
  2, according to the users to produce the actual requirements, refer to the manual to set the operating parameters.
  3, to the heating jacket.
  4, start hanger rotation, install the feed pan, close all boxes are.
  5, open drinking water valve on the vacuum pump system, and close the drain valve, start the vacuum system.
  6 to start the microwave heating system, observation of the drying conditions.
  Third, the parking
  1, when the end of the last batch is no longer approved under dry operation, in accordance with the following procedures: off the heating power of fan power supply filament power → off → off band → → off drinking water valve off the total power.
  , After the operation work
  Remove the loading plate, collect the dry good material;
  2, inspect and clean the enclosure wall, in particular, want to check the box at the top of the microwave mouth tetrafluoroethylene board should be no dust or other foreign matter, such as cracks, dents, and other phenomena should be replaced this board.
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