Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of double cone rotary vacuum dryer
   The double cone rotary vacuum dryer by removing containers internal air to reach the predetermined degree of vacuum, remove the container internal moisture equipment. Work when dry, the tank in a vacuum jacket through hot water (or steam, conducting oil) heating, with the tank low-speed rotation, the material in the tank continuously from top to bottom, inside and outside as a "diamond-shaped trajectory" movement and to absorb the evaporation of water The steam is continuously discharged through the vacuum line to achieve the purpose of drying. Built-in spray, filtering, grinding, and other devices to achieve its multi-function operation in the dry mixture at the same time, according to customer requirements, so the double cone rotary vacuum dryer is especially suitable for heat sensitive materials of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics, medicine and other industries dry.
  Double cone rotary vacuum dryer is widely used raw material drug production equipment, which is in the vacuum drying process, the pressure of the cylinder body is always lower than atmospheric pressure, the number of gas molecules, low density, low oxygen, thus can dry easily oxidized changes in drug production, to reduce material contamination of the opportunity. Water in the vaporization process, is proportional to the temperature and steam pressure, so the moisture in the vacuum drying materials at low temperatures can vaporize to reach the low-temperature drying, especially for heat-sensitive materials in the production of the drugs. The same time, vacuum drying to eliminate atmospheric hot air drying and easy to produce the phenomenon of surface hardening, which is a large pressure difference between vacuum drying materials and surface water quickly toward the surface under the action of pressure gradient, surface hardening, does not appear. In addition, vacuum drying, the material between the internal and external temperature gradient makes the solvent alone move to collect, and overcome the phenomenon of hot air drying solvent separated by reverse osmosis.
  From a functional point of view, the double cone rotary vacuum dryer is a mixed set, vacuum drying in one of the drying equipment, it is simple, convenient and characteristics of double effect as a classical device applications, the practical and economical side, other equipment is difficult to replace. But from a dialectical point of view, everything has two sides, vacuum dryer, too, the advantages and disadvantages of the following vacuum dryer to be introduced.
  Double cone rotary vacuum dryer of the advantages of
  Double cone rotary vacuum dryer in the low-pressure dry oxygen content is low to prevent the oxidative deterioration of the dry material, dry and inflammable and explosive dangerous goods; so that the vaporization of moisture in the material at low temperature, easy to dry heat sensitive raw materials; pairs cone rotary vacuum dryer recycling dry materials in the precious and useful ingredients; can prevent the emission of dry materials, toxic and hazardous substances can be environmentally friendly types of "green" dry. With these advantages, we can see that the application of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer will become increasingly widespread.
  The disadvantage of double cone rotary vacuum dryer
  Double cone rotary vacuum dryer requires a pumping steam vacuum system, making the high equipment investment costs, high operating costs; low efficiency of equipment, production. Because of these shortcomings, so that more people with lofty ideals worked for innovation, improved double cone rotary vacuum dryer, to make its shortcomings slowly reduce.
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