Operating procedures to comply with fluid bed dryer to be the best drying effect and yield
   Any dryer in order to get the best performance and production must comply with the operating procedures of manufacturing enterprises, fluid bed dryer is no exception. The correct operation of the machine is important, also attach importance to the daily maintenance. Because boiling dryer is a simple structure, easy maintenance, and uniform temperature distribution within the bed, large capacity, high heat transfer coefficient, the volume can be continuous, semi-continuous or batch operation, you can adjust the residence time and heating temperature, you can adjust the bed Kong structure be applied to granular materials, moisture content is too high can also be dry material after special treatment, and therefore very popular in chicken production.
  A, boiling dryer operating procedures
  1, the operator is to check each time before operating the fluid bed dryer steam valve, compressed air and the range table is normal.
  2, check under the airbag ring with raised, flat head screws are tightened to prevent the expected car is pushed crashed.
  3, check the fluid bed dryer hopper bladed paddle is too tight, bladed paddle tight plus the resistance of the material, resulting in the increase in stirring motor drive load transmission bumps break or motor burned.
  4, check under the pressure of the airbag ring 0.1 ~ 0.15mpa pressure is too high is easy to cause the seal burst is too low will not achieve the sealing effect powder leakage to affect the production efficiency and drying quality.
  5, check the compressed air pressure is too high:
  Likely to cause hot and cold damper cylinder momentum Ambassador throttle live then break or sealant damage, leak of boiling dryer drying effect.
  7, the bag rack cylinder thrust is too large, the putter is easy to bend.
  Boiling dryer maintenance
  An often boiling dryer efficiency filter bags per month cleaned once from boiling machine outlet into the loose framework of the screws, remove the mesh bag first with detergent and soak for 30 minutes, then rinse with water, dried.
  Add oil, regular cleaning fluid bed dryer agitator gearbox.
  3, from time to time the boiling dryer skip the drive gear lubricating, fill in the records of equipment lubrication.
  Fluid bed dryer in recent years through the mixing device in the feed-side configuration, the forced flow effect of the material in the hot air to avoid the material to the reunion because of the moisture is too high, the feedstock is too large to accumulate in the bed, thus speeding up the drying rate; in configuration of the cyclone in the boiling chamber, to avoid dust flying, configure the bag filter or water curtain dust removal device according to user requirements; after dehydration of the water play features of their own change in the proportion of the drying process, in different regions with different air volume and pressure and range of temperature, in order to meet the material drying; pipeline operations, reducing operator labor intensity; especially suitable for low temperature, heat-sensitive materials fluidized. Extreme Machinery Co., Ltd. of Changzhou City, according to the requirements of the existing drying technology and the vast majority of users, the design of fluid bed dryer are to reduce dust emissions and reduce labor intensity, enhance the drying effect and yield goals, the user has been widely used.
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