Features of the channel mixer and maintenance instructions
   Channel mixer through a mechanical transmission, the S-type stirrer rotation, promote material back and forth turning, mixing, electrical control operation, the mixing time can be set to automatically shut down, thereby increasing the mixed quality of each batch of material. The channel mixer used for mixing powder or paste material mixed, so that different quality materials. Is a horizontal trough single paddle mix, stir shake the paddle through the shaft for easy cleaning. Contact with the object at the whole made of stainless steel, good corrosion resistance, mixing tank can be automatically flip down material. Channel mixer for the dry powder of the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and mixing of the particle loaded materials. The aircraft has a unique structure of the mixing tube, mixed, high efficiency, no accumulation of material. The whole structure is simple, easy to operate. The outer surface of the material contact parts are made of stainless steel, attractive appearance, maintenance, easy to clean.
  Channel mixer Features:
  1, the dispersion: the device is fully resolved due to the different specific gravity of materials caused by uniformity and dead ends. The device uses a hybrid structure axis with Flying mortar can be effectively dispersed short fiber.
  2, using a wide range: The equipment can meet different performance requirements for the production of dry mortar. Such as: masonry mortar, plastering mortar, insulation system required for polymer mortar, the particles of polystyrene moisturizing mortar variety of dry mortar.
  3, the investment is small: The device has a clear price advantage. Small investment, quick.
  4, easy to use: The device has a small footprint, simple operation, low energy consumption, can produce 5-8 tonnes per hour.
  5, long life: wearing parts of the equipment, the whole high-strength wear-resistant steel parts to have a long life characteristics.
  Channel mixer maintenance instructions
  A regularly check parts, 1-2 times a month, check the item for the various activities of the worm, the worm, bearings, shaft seal part of the rotating flexible wear, found that the defects should be repaired in time, in order to channel mixer can be used normally.
  Lubrication: reducer lubrication with oil-immersed, its oil reserves must remain in the oil standard line, the oil must be kept clean. Such as frequently used to be every three months for a new oil replacement should reducer removable and washable cleaning, coupled with new oil.
  Mixer electrical control components should be kept clean, sensitive, found that the fault should be repaired in time.
  Once finished or laid off, you should remove the remaining material of the mixing tank, brush clear the machine part of the residual powder child. Such as disabled a long time, channel mixer must be all clean, and the tarpaulin cover.
  5, the mixing paddle assembly and disassembly should be light demolition, stabilization installed light, to avoid distortion damage.
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